Sunday, July 30, 2017


Per tradition, this summer, my parents rented a waterslide for the weekend for all grandkids.  This sensational 7 spent hours upon hours over a three day period sliding down, climbing up, timing themselves, racing each other, teaming up to splash the grown-ups at the other end, and chilling and chatting in the pool beneath.  
Each day we had to unplug it to force them off because sheer exhaustion want even enough to make them take a break.  But, if there Sweet and fun memories they made.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

wakeboarding at camp westminster

Sometimes it pays to be friends with the people in charge!

Last week Zach was asked to lead worship in the evenings for the Camp Westminster Senior Blast week.  A good friend of ours is the facilities director there and offered a chance to do some of the activities they offer to their campers.  

One afternoon we spent the afternoon wakeboarding.  It was mine, Micah and Connor's first time trying.  I got up on the first try, thank goodness because crashing headfirst into the lake would not have been fun for me.  Micah and Connor both got up after a few tries and loved it!  After wakeboarding we were able to relax in their pool and slide on their waterslide.  

Yay for friends in cool places and fun family outings! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

cousin camp 2017

For the last four years Zach's parents have take any of the grandchildren that our 5 years old and older to their house for 5 days for Nana and Poppy Camp recently changed to Cousin Camp.  Micah and Connor along with their cousin Leah have been to all 4 and this year Logan was finally old enough to join in.  

These kids have an absolute ball at "Camp" and spend all day doing activities together.  This year besides the usual pool time, they played yard games, put together a huge puzzle on the rainy day, went to Chattanooga, had a canoeing adventure, learned a different bible verse each day, and just learned more about each other.  It's a highlight of our boys' summer 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of july 2017

Shortly after moving to Oxford two years ago we were told by our sweet neighbor that the annual Oxford 4th of July parade ran on the street right in front of our houses.  Though the first event was only weeks after we moved in, we began a parade and picnic party tradition that we plan to keep up until the end of our lives here on Wesley Street.

Friends from every different corners of our lives come in the morning, we all enjoy the parade together from the comfort of our front yard, and then we swim, eat, and fellowship well into the afternoon.   It is one of my favorite things and hope it is the same for the families who join us.

Everyone has usually gone on their way in time for our little family to grab a little quiet, and maybe a short nap, before heading to The Square to await Covington's fireworks display, which happens to be the largest one outside of Atlanta.  

Small southern towns, family traditions, celebrations that bring people together.  Just a few of my favorite things.