Friday, June 29, 2012

baby pool

I bought Logan a baby pool at the end of the season last year when he was still baking in the oven.  Oh how I love pre planning :)  It's starting to get ridiculously hot so while Micah and Connor were in their bigger pool I got his cookie monster look a like whale type pool out.  I didn't have any swimmy diapers and I didn't want to have to clean out his swimsuit just in case 'something' happened so he wore his birthday suit.  and he loved it!  Who wouldn't want to sit in a cool pool au naturale in the middle of a Georgia summer!?

It also works great to just play in without water.  I was grilling for dinner the other evening and he was happy as can be waiting for me to get finished.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

embrace the camera: june 28

Last night Zach (and two other guy friends) embraced our boys big time and surprised them with a trip to the Braves game.  Micah is all about baseball now that he's played a season and loves watching the Braves on tv.  He already knows players names and numbers and pretends to be each one of them.  His favorites are Brian McCann and Martin Prado.  Connor loves all things Micah loves so of course he is a big baseball fan now as well.  His favorite players are Jason Heyward and Dan Uggla.

Since I wasn't there and they didn't get back until SUPER late I have only picked up tidbits of the evening.  Here is what I've been told so far.

*they ate hotdogs and gatorade at the game
*chipper hit a homerun
*the cow doing the chop is awesome
*you can sit in awesome seats even if you only pay for $9 upper deck seats because ushers don't argue with cute kids on weekday games.
*they ran the bases and Connor was out and safe
*after the game Connor wanted to get a ummmm very "urban" style braves hat but Zach talked him into another one.
*they had an almost midnight snack at the varsity which was very cold but the food was good and Micah had a double straw drink.
*it takes going to bed at midnight for Micah to sleep in until past 9 am.
*Connor can go to a game, walk a ton, run bases, ride home at 11:30pm singing the darth vadar theme song the whole time, get in bed after midnight and still wake up at 8:00.  He's a machine!

So thankful for a husband who loves spending time with his boys!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

keel family time

This summer our vacations are going to be relaxing staycations.  Well kind of but we have to travel to where we're staycationing first :)  Vacation number one was at my parent's house in Enterprise.  Micah, Connor, Logan and I were there from Sunday until Thursday and then Zach joined us that night until Saturday afternoon.

We had a blast hanging out and the kids LOVE playing with their girl cousins.  It's so fun to see the dynamics between them all.  The oldest three get a long pretty well even though occasionally the two girls fight for power ;)  Connor jumps right in there with them but at night he was the leader of the little pack because Haley, Micah and Keelie went to VBS at a friend's church.  All the girls, big and little, ADORE Logan and were constantly asking me if they could hold him.  Thankfully they were ok with just sitting next to him as he plays because seriously holding that boy is not for the faint of heart/strength!

There was lots of at home activities, a few on the road field trips and a couple of crafty projects as well.  There was lots of food and lots of Dr. Pepper so this week is detox week!  According to Zach there was also lots of me reverting back to my south Alabama accent which he said I might want to work on detoxing from too ;)

Splash Pad at the park

Tie Dyed tshirts

Army Aviation Museum

Big Pool Swimming

Two by Two Petting Zoo

Little Pool Swimming

Indoor hangouts

Since I am the only child of the four of us that doesn't live in Enterprise we try to pack in as much time as possible while we're there.  A big thanks thanks thanks goes out to my brothers and sister for disrupting their normal lives just when we roll into town. I love y'all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

top shelf

It's where they keep the good stuff...ya know like Berenstein Bears books :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

father's day

Due to the fact that I'm not at my home computer and our laptop stays working for five minute intervals (UGH!!!) I have been working on this post for four days now.  It's amazingness will not reflect the amount of time it took but it has pictures of my hottie husband, cutie kids and sweet daddy so hopefully that's enough.

My 3 boys are blessed to have many amazing male role models between our church family and friends but the fact that they have 3 amazing men between their daddy, papa and poppy that they can call their own is a thing that I will always praise our God for.  3 strong, considerate, passionate, patient and loving guys to be an example of what 'manly' was created to be.

My favorite of the three is this fella right here.  I mean just look at that swagger!

To celebrate father's day this year we traveled to one of our favorite (much to his father's dismay) places...AUBURN BABY!!  The boys and I are visiting my family for the week and what better place to meet than halfway in between.  Zach gets excited anytime we get to visit and just walk around and reminisce about the place that God brought us together in.  We stopped by Langdon Hall which is where we met for RUF.

Walked and laid around the Samford Hall lawn.  Where we spent hours on the steps talking during college.

and seriously how do you visit without going by the stadium.  They just recently had three statues erected for the three Heisman trophy winners from Auburn so the boys got photo ops with each.

Before we said goodbye we had dinner at Mama Gs :)  All the bookstores were closed since it was Sunday so we didn't get to get Zach some new AU stickers for his car but there's nothing like a good excuse to go back!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

peek a boo

Where's Connor?

There he is!

and cue the smile

Monday, June 18, 2012