Monday, September 28, 2009

sunday song

The Love of Christ Is Rich and Free

The love of Christ is rich and free;
Fixed on His own eternally;
Nor earth, nor hell, can it remove;
Long as He lives, His own He’ll love.

His loving heart engaged to be
Their everlasting Surety;
’Twas love that took their cause in hand,
And love maintains it to the end.

Chorus: Love cannot from its post withdraw;
Nor death, nor hell, nor sin, nor law,
Can turn the Surety’s heart away;
He’ll love His own to endless day.

Love has redeemed His sheep with blood;
And love will bring them safe to God;
Love calls them all from death to life;
And love will finish all their strife.

He loves through every changing scene,
Nor aught from Him can Zion wean;
Not all the wanderings of her heart
Can make His love for her depart.

At death, beyond the grave, He’ll love;
In endless bliss, His own shall prove
The blazing glory of that love
Which never could from them remove.

Friday, September 25, 2009

granny's birthday

Granny, my dad's mom and only living grandparent, turned 85 last week!! A few short hours after Haley's party my dad's two brothers, their wives, one cousin (everyone else lives pretty far away) and my family celebrated Granny with yummy food and football. I mean what else do you expect on a fall Saturday. It was great seeing each other even if for only a few hours.

Granny was diagnosed with lung cancer not too long ago and has completed her chemo treatments. I'm not sure if there has been a decision regarding any further treatment but no matter what I'm sure she will remain her spunky se
lf. She is definitely a independent woman. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and isn't afraid to tell you about it! She loves her family, but has her favorites and isn't afraid to tell you that either. My siblings and I grew up KNOWING that Tim was her favorite because every time we saw her she said it. Constantly.
However, even though she loves Tim best she would brag on my cousins and I too and cheer us on. I can still hear her saying "Atta Girl Sarah Doo" at my high school graduation. She wants you to 'hug her neck' when you see her, tells you she loves you when you leave,
and makes sure to let you know you better come back and see her soon.

The best part of the party was watching her eat with Micah and hold Connor. They both SOAKED in some Granny time and it made my heart feel good. I don't remember any of my great grandparents and honestly don't even know if any were living when I was born. I don't think so but I'm sure my mom will comment on this post to let me know. I pray that Micah and Connor will be able to remember Granny and the love she had for them both.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

haley's birthday

My niece's 3rd birthday was last weekend! Haley (bug) had lots of great friends come over to help her celebrate with a water slide and bouncy house. She's a definitely daredevil and slung herself down that thing without hesitation. My little cautious child did not. He did, however, go down with his daddy without hesitation which was a pretty big deal. Eventually he went down by himself but that was only after he saw his year younger cousin do it. He was not going to be shown up!!

Happy Birthday Haley Bug. We love you!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday song

Grace by Laura Story

my heart is so proud
my mind is unfocused
I see the things you do through me as great things I have done
and now you gently break me
then lovingly you take me
and hold me as my father
and mold me as my maker

I ask you how many times will you pick me up when I keep on letting you down
and each time I will fall short of your glory
how far wil forgiveness abound
and you answer my child I love you
and as long as your seeking my face
you'll walk in the power of my daily sufficient grace.

At times I may grow weak
and feel a bit discouraged
knowing that someone somewhere could do a better job
for who am I to serve you
I know I don't deserve you
and thats the part that burns in my heart and keeps me hanging on

I ask you how many times will you pick me up when I keep on letting you down
and each time I will fall short of your glory
how far wil forgiveness abound
and you answer my child I love you
and as long as your seeking my face
you'll walk in the power of my daily sufficient grace.

You are so patient with me Lord

As I walk with you I'm learning
what your grace really means
the price that I could never pay was paid at Calvary
so instead of trying to repay you
I'm learning to simply Obey you
by giving up my life to you
for all that you've given to me

I ask you how many times will you pick me up when I keep on letting you down
and each time I will fall short of your glory
how far wil forgiveness abound
and you answer my child I love you
and as long as your seeking my face
you'll walk in the power of my daily sufficient grace.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Elmo's Green Thumb

Last night we, along with the Cardozas, went to see Sesame Street Live at Philips Arena thanks to a friend's free company tickets!! The title of the show was Elmo's Green Thumb and was all about Elmo and his plant sunflower Sunny. Elmo is definitely the bread winner in the puppet group!! The kids went CRAZY when he got on stage. Micah loves him some Elmo but he is also a big fan of Cookie Monster. If you come up to him and say C is for Cookie in a deep cookie monster voice he will CRACK up!
Micah loved the show. He clapped and sang and danced and kept pointing everyone out. It is so fun watching a show through your child's eyes. They get so amazed and excited at everything. The only part he didn't like was when they asked the audience to yell things. He said it was scared. I don't think he's quite ready for any kind of sports game :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

sunday song

STRONGER by Hillsong

There is love that came for us
Humbled to a sinner's cross
You broke my shame and sinfulness
You rose again victorious

Faithfulness none can deny
Through the storm and through the fire
There is truth that sets me free
Jesus Christ who lives in me

You are stronger
You are stronger
Sin is broken
You have saved me
It is written
Christ is risen
Jesus you are Lord of all

No beginning and no end
You're my hope and my defense
You came to seek and save the lost
You paid it all upon the cross

So let your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher
Be lifted higher

* wow! that's all I have to say about that :)

hobby lobby and hot glue

I wanted to do some fall decorating in the house this weekend, but when I opened my box of fall decorations I found a wreath and a bunch of pine cones. I remembered having more than that, but maybe I just imagined it all. Zach took pity on me and sent me to hobby lobby! yay!! How anyone can pay full price on anything in that store i'll never know because eventually EVERYTHING goes on sale! I found some little things to put together to make bigger things. In my head it looked fantastic and I was happy that in the house it looked just as good (to me anyway). Yay for decorations that can stay up for 3 months, now bring on those buyers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fall is here

Though the weather has been beautiful lately I know fall is here because football has started. All plans for the next 3 months will be determined by who is playing whom and what time does it start!

We had a nice first football watching day last weekend despite the busyness and crowdiness! My friend from FOREVER AND A DAY and her husband and cute little girl came to stay with us for the weekend. We spent Saturday grilling out, watching the kids and kind of sort of getting to pay attention to at least the score of the games :)

enjoying his AU cupcake

watching just like daddy :)

Silas and Connor refusing to smile at the camera

After church Sunday they wanted to go to the aquarium because they have never been. We had just been in February but were excited for Micah because we knew he would love it even more than he did the first time. We were definitely right! The lines were LOOONNNGGGG, but what do you expect on a holiday weekend. We powered through and spent a couple hours looking at the fish and the shark and the whale as Micah likes to say. Thankfully our wonderful friend and most awesome pastor's wife Magda watched Connorkins for us so that we could actually pay attention to the fish. It was nice to have a little outing with Micah by himself and got us excited for when Connor will actually be able to go and love it too.

BONUS! Micah actually looked at the camera this trip :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 months

Today is Connor's 'monthday'

Happy 4 months to my BIG baby!!

Connor is getting so big!
* He is over 16 lbs!!
* He has started laughing and I have found a ticklish spot under his arms so I know how to get those laughs out of him when I want them :)

* He is pushing up really well on his arms and can sit up on his elbows. He hasn't fully extended yet.

* He also learned to roll over from front to back. Now we are DESPERATELY trying to get him to go the other way because he gets SUPER mad just laying on his tummy.

* He HAS NOT wanted to go to sleep the past week. He did great for a week or two going to bed on his own but has rebelled the last few nights :( On the upside he goes down great for naps!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday song

Shane and Shane

Beauty for ashes
A garment of praise for my heaviness
Beauty for ashes take this heart of stone
and make it Yours

I delight myself in the riches affair
trading all that I have
for all that is better
a garment of praise for my heaviness
You are the greatest taste
Your the riches of faith

Beauty for ashes
A garment of praise for my heaviess
Beauty for ashes
take this heart of stone and make Yours
make it Yours

Chrous (2x)

You are better
So much better than all the world
Lord, You are better
You taste better
So much better


Saturday, September 5, 2009

my tigers

Three guys ready for a great season. War Eagle!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another other

This past weekend Zach, Micah, Connor and I drove/rode to Athens, GA (in the pouring down rain) so that Zach could take engagement pictures for his brother and fiance. Sunday was the LAST day this could be done because Andrew works with the UGA football team and needless to say will be a bit busy this fall!! I affectionately refer to myself and the other inlaws of the May family as "The Others" and while one day there will be six of us right now there are only three and I have been the lone female for 5 years not counting the three before that where we were only dating. Krista will become my other girl Other next May and I'm so excited. I love Zach's sisters, they are awesome, but I can't wait to have another girl other join our group :)