Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have 4 kids at my house. I am taking care of the Cardoza kiddies now because Stephanie is staying at home with her cutie pie and hopefully getting her Moonpie Designs business back up and running. Such cute stuff you should totally check her out.

I'm not gonna lie. The first day was HARD. Connor is still so little and needs a lot of attention and I don't want to sacrifice my time with him. Micah is growing bigger each day and I don't want to miss time with him either. Isabella and William deserve to be loved just like if their mom was with them so I'm trying to be that too. Whew! Let's just say the first few weeks might be a test but I'm praying all works out well and would appreciate prayers for all of you too :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

wedding weekend

This past weekend was FULL of weddings. Zach was the best man at a wedding in Dahlonega, GA and I shared Matron of Honor duties at a wedding in Enterprise, AL. We each took a boy and drove off in opposite directions! I was very busy the whole weekend with different wedding activities and feeding my child who REFUSED to drink from a bottle the whole time we were there. That's a whole story on it's own :) The wedding was beautiful, Kristen was beautiful, the bridesmaids were beautiful. Kristen was the last of our group to get married so that chapter is closed and baby chapter has begun ;o

Bridesmaid Luncheon w/our apron gifts

Brandi M, Kristen(bride) and I at the rehearsal dinner

Kristen and Mike/bride and groom

Diana buttoning Kristen's straps
(the dress was GORGEOUS!)

Kristen GLOWING!

Almost time!

Just Married :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Watch this first (nbc wouldn't let it be embedded on the actual blog)

Zach emailed me this you tube clip this morning. It's seriously funny, but it seriously made me think. Why are we/me SO quick to look down on EVERYTHING. I catch myself getting irritated at the dumbest things like my dryer that stays on with the help of a mountain dew can, stop lights that last too long, little boys who dump out an entire basket of toys instead of taking something out one at a time. In the scheme of things who really cares about any of these. I don't have to hang all my clothes outside, I am able to drive, and I have precious boys who love me. There are a thousand other examples I could list but I won't bore you too much. The point is I'm going to try and stop. Things are NEVER as bad as they seem and GOD is BIGGER than everything. He created us to grow and learn and create and with that comes amazing invention, but if we aren't promised tomorrow we surely won't be promised that our internet will always be working, flights won't be delayed, and repair men will show up on time. Now there are times to be upset, discouraged even, but think before you react. Even in those circumstances that aren't just trivial but are real life problems/tragedies we can find blessings. So I'm starting now. I will probably fail numerous times but know that I will get better with practice :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

sunday smiles

Connor blessed me with the FABULOUS smiles on the way to church yesterday. What is it about kids that makes you want to become a cannibal. Seriously he is just so cute I could EAT him up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 year old pictures

Yes Micah was two in February but give us a break! We took him to the Corner Market in Conyers to get his two year pictures. Our only mistake was taking them at the fountain first because there were not many pictures taken after that!! Zach realized it's harder taking pictures of your own child. They don't quite sit as still when they're yours. Nevertheless, we got some great pictures of his adorable self. Our intention was to try a picture of the four of us but still hasn't happened. Oh well, we'll keep pluggin' away!

I just LOVE how blue his eyes look with that shirt. Such a stud!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The stool

Meet Micah's new best friend :)

He's always there when he needs him and helps him get things accomplished!!

Seriously Micah has been carting this stool EVERYWHERE! He uses it to sit, stand, spy and get into things he doesn't need to be into. But, it is oh so cute listening to Micah say, "wait, i gotta get my tool."

Friday, July 10, 2009


It has been two months since my second precious baby boy came into our lives (in a more physical presence) and things have been a little crazy.

In the past 8 1/2 weeks Connor was born, Micah has become a big brother, Zach started a new job, we have driven to Enterprise twice, Gainesville once, had family up here, and have shown our house twice and I have had to do something I HATE to do...ADJUST to CHANGE!

I love to do lists, schedules, routines, cleanliness, normalcy, home...basically all the things that have not been happening the last two months of my life. Having two boys is amazing. I LOVE them. It's crazy how your heart actually doubles so that both can fit perfectly :) However, all the things that come with raising two boys has jumbled my head so much that I feel upside down and sideways a lot of the time. I literally mean upside down. I'm actually having dreams that I am UPSIDE DOWN! When you add this to the job change, the new car we need to be searching for, and the want/need for more space that has resulted in the dreaded real estate wait so many are dealing with, it gets a little hairy (jan's word)!

It probably doesn't help either that I have been able to sit and listen to all of 1 church service the last two months and my prayer life has dwindled down to nursing times only when I'm half asleep. So far I haven't gone insane yet :) So far I'm dealing, stressing some times and enjoying most times, but still dealing. I'm praying in another month or two I can say the same thing no matter what circumstances have changed, but oh how I want some of them to change*!!

*I just realized in saying that that there is a good chance the ones I don't want to change will and the ones I want to change won't. Why does God do that!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

working hard

Life has been so busy the past two months that we've asked Micah to start pitching in.

Micah can help Zach with his work on his brand new laptop!

And help me take care of changing the baby :)

2 months

Connor is 2 months old today!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

batteries not included

It's a sad day for Sarah :( We can't find the battery charger for my brand new point and shoot camera! There are some SUPER cute pics of Micah and Connor I was going to post but it's kinda hard to download pics with no power!

I'm in Enterprise with the boys for the next 5 days (unless baby moon decides to appear!) and since Zach couldn't come AND doesn't part with 'our' camera easily I will be pictureless for the 4th. I'm hoping to snag my mom's or sis-in-laws to atleast get a cute picture of me and my boys in our red white and blue!