Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babies babies everywhere!

There are babies coming from everywhere! Besides me, of course, I know 10 girls having babies in the next 7 months with maybe a couple more added to the list soon ;) This weekend I got to attend/host showers for two of them.

Zach, Micah and I traveled to Statesboro, GA to visit his two sisters and their husband/fiance for his sister Jess's baby shower. She is having a little girl, Leah Grace, on or around November 5. We are really excited that Micah will have a cousin on that side of the family who is semi close in age. The shower was at 3 on saturday afternoon while the Auburn game started at 3:30. Thankfully my wonderful husband texted me the updates while I was hanging with the girls (not that they did that great of a job but that's a whole other post, atleast we won). It was a fun afternoon of hanging out and sharing stories of all the crazy times you have when there are kids involved. Hopefully we all didn't scare Jess too much!

After the LOOONNNNGGGG drive back Saturday night we had to get up bright and early Sunday to prepare for the surprise shower for Leslie and the soon to be here Cardoza baby. Throwing a surprise shower is so fun but it can stress you out. We definitely had some close calls but thankfull she was COMPLETELY surprised...yay!!! The theme for the shower was the pampered mommy and people brought gifts to either pamper the baby or Leslie herself. She got a great variety of her favorite things with some spa treatments to boot! Great job gift givers!! A special thanks to Stephanie, Mary, Magda, Gina, Bailey, Melissa and Krista for the great team effort!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Weather

Love it love it love it! It has been so wonderfully cool and crisp outside this week. I am not really a big fan of hot weather (not that many people are) mainly because I am a giant wuss and after about 5 minutes outside I'm hot, woozy, and feel faint. Pathetic yes :) and sad for Micah because it's hard to sit outside and let him play when I'm just not feeling it. However this wonderful weathered week has allowed us to stay outside for awhile and play. His big thing now is pushing wagon and mower down the hill in the back and watching it crash into the fence. He then scurries down to rescue it and push it back up the hill. Here are some super cute shots Zach got the other day of our outside play!

Stud Picture

Cheesy picture!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the reason

I have not blogged in forever! I'm pretty sure many of you did not care at all, but I'll pretend that at least one person missed it. The last two weeks have been...hmm...let's call it eventful. So eventful that it fills your mind to the point of explosion but still won't let anything out. You know that feeling?

Most people who read this already know but I'm going to tell you anyway. Then it's out for all to see and I won't have to worry about who knows or doesn't know or who told who before they were supposed to or who wrote what on a facebook page that I have to delete before anyone else reads it and so forth and so on.

Zach, Micah and I are going to become a family of 4! Yay! We are expecting our 2nd little May who just happens to be due in May...the 8th to be exact. I thankfully have not been super pregnant lady sick so far which is exciting because carrying Micah was NOT fun at the beginning. If I had a nickel for everytime I...you know...we'd be living it up right now! Unfortunately I have had a fever, a cold and was so unbelievably exhausted the second week I knew that not much has been accomplished around here.

However, yesterday we all went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat so now that I know everything is ok I feel a little more relaxed and thus able to maybe clean my house...or atleast finish the laundry I started on Monday.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

consignment sales!

I love me some great deals! For the first time I put clothes and toys in a consignment sale and with the help of some extras from my sister I had enough to go to the preview sale. That's when you get to check out all the stuff before the public gets let in. The top priority was cars and lots of 'em!!! I grabbed every one I saw and shoved them in my bag without even looking. I found a race track which made such annoying noise the whole time I was shopping that I seriously almost ripped the batteries out right then and there. I also found some great clothes for the fall too. The best thing I got it all for $50!! YAY!!!

Next Saturday is the 1/2 off sale and I might just have to check it out again and see what I can find!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brain Dead


...don't you hate it when that happens.

For the last week my brain has been almost worthless to me. It's just so sad. I seriously have not been able to put together an entire intelligent thought. Some days I just stand in the middle of my living room and think (or not think) what on earth should I be doing right now. It's a little pitiful. I'm waiting for Micah to get tired of it and start telling me what to do. Ha! I know somewhere in my head are tons of things I've thought about in the past like projects I want to try, post I want to share, household things I should have already done, etc. Maybe they are just fighting with each other to get to the surface and until then no thoughts are available. Let's hope.

To help me out I am going to start a to do list right here and now!! Maybe then someone will ask me if I have finished it and either I can say YES of Course!! or I can be reminded that I thought of it in the first place.

*post scrapbook pages
*paint and distress cool windows from the trash
*vacuum out car
*wrap Steph's present
*buy milk
*bible study homework
*bday card for Granny
*bday present for Haley Bug
*order snapfish pics
*get out fall decorations
*buy a new toilet paper holder
*get a haircut
All done plus about 10 other things i've thought of! YAY for lists!

Ok so apparently I do have stuff to do...bye!!!

p.s. if you think of anything else let me know =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed a family filled Labor Day this past weekend. After church Sunday Zach, Micah, Daisy and I drove to one of our favorite places on earth...AUBURN!

My family was getting together for the holiday on Monday because we haven't all been in the same place since March. We decided to go down a day earlier to spend some extra time with my sister, her husband and her little girl. We also wanted to walk around campus, buy new AU gear, and take some pictures. After hitting Tiger Rags and getting each of us a tshirt and Micah a new AU hat we walked in front of Samford Hall and took some family pics of Jen, Chris and Keelie and also some shots of Micah. All too cute! It's so nice to have a photographer in the family.

After the photo shoot we all ate at Niffers...YUM-O!!!!!! It is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Auburn.

On Monday my parents, Tim, David, Christina, Haley, Lucy (dog) and Bella (dog) came up to hang out for the day. We basically spent the day talking, eating, watching HGTV with a little bit of the weather channel thrown in, dodging dogs, and laughing at Micah, Haley, and Keelie. I of course forgot to get a group picture because I always do...plus my family isn't as camera happy as Zach's so you actually have to plan picture times! All in all it was a pretty relaxing, though not at all quiet, day.