Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brain Dead


...don't you hate it when that happens.

For the last week my brain has been almost worthless to me. It's just so sad. I seriously have not been able to put together an entire intelligent thought. Some days I just stand in the middle of my living room and think (or not think) what on earth should I be doing right now. It's a little pitiful. I'm waiting for Micah to get tired of it and start telling me what to do. Ha! I know somewhere in my head are tons of things I've thought about in the past like projects I want to try, post I want to share, household things I should have already done, etc. Maybe they are just fighting with each other to get to the surface and until then no thoughts are available. Let's hope.

To help me out I am going to start a to do list right here and now!! Maybe then someone will ask me if I have finished it and either I can say YES of Course!! or I can be reminded that I thought of it in the first place.

*post scrapbook pages
*paint and distress cool windows from the trash
*vacuum out car
*wrap Steph's present
*buy milk
*bible study homework
*bday card for Granny
*bday present for Haley Bug
*order snapfish pics
*get out fall decorations
*buy a new toilet paper holder
*get a haircut
All done plus about 10 other things i've thought of! YAY for lists!

Ok so apparently I do have stuff to do...bye!!!

p.s. if you think of anything else let me know =)


  1. come to Krysti's and get homemade Buckeyes because she's making them tonight...and put that at the top of your list because you know they go fast!!!!!!!

  2. Ok....is there a little someone (tenny Baby May) sucking all of those important thoughts out of your brain?
    Do tell more about cool windows form the trash. Did you go Dumpster Diving?

  3. Oh Chassidy what conclusions you jump to!

  4. Chassidy- I was thinking the SAME thing! HMMM. I understand your pain. I feel like people at work think I am an idiot becuase I can never remember what I need to say.

  5. I'm just saying......You never know!

  6. if I find out you're having a baby on this thing...I will be p-i-s-e-d and call you a chautch!!!! :-)

  7. Y'all are H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! :)

  8. Ya'll are all insane!!!! Why can't you just give me sympathy on my slow brain waves...is that too much to ask!!

  9. I agree! I better get a special telegram or at least a phone call saying that "teeny baby may" has been conceived. Just get that brain to working and I'll quit being suspicious!
    By the way how much did you get accomplished?