Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Last Wednesday afternoon we ignored our need tos and even some beloved want tos and planned an unhurried afternoon.

After relaxingly snacking and playing a board game we drove to the park, played on the playground, participated in a just then invented game by Micah and Connor which consisted of throwing a football at two large thermoses in an attempt to knock them over, and then meandered to the lake to look and throw a rock or two or fifty.

It was a gift of an afternoon that my bedtime was clear that it was sorely needed.  Each of my boys said thank you for the fun adventure and I thanked the Spirit for placing it in my mind.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finn Cal May

After we lost our sweet Callie a couple months ago we knew we needed to find another playmate for her brother Obi.  He was quite pitiful.  After hearing from a friend that she had kittens to give away, we visited and fell in love with a sweet striped little boy.  Two weeks later he was old enough to join our family so now we have added Finn to our Star Wars inspired cat family. 

It has been over a month since Finn joined our family and while it was a bit rocky at first, he and Obi have become a typical brother combo.  Obi makes himself known as the boss and Finn ignores that completely and annoys him like a little brother should.  Finn is a sweet, cuddly, rambunctious fellow and we are happy he is a May!

king george III

Have I mentioned that our children are huge fans of Hamilton!?  Like 'have every song we've allowed them to list to memorized' huge!

They have tapered down a bit recently, but mainly because we make them choose other songs in the car occasionally.

One of the favorites is You'll Be Back.  It is King George's first song and it's hilarious.  Logan was singing it in the drop off line at school and documenting good facial expressions through the whole thing was absolutely necessary.

There's a bright future here I think!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

airport adventure

A few Saturday mornings ago our neighbor knocked on the backdoor and shared with us a Covington not so secret secret.  Every third Saturday there is a breakfast at the airport and lots of pilots come in to eat and hangout.  Anyone is welcome to pay to come eat if they wish or they can just come and walk around the tarmac and check out all the planes.  

With an adventurous spirit, we hurried to get dressed and loaded up to make the few minute drive to the little airport.  We spent more than an hour chatting with pilots and peeking in planes.  Our morning ended with watching a biplane take off and then buzz past us and make it's way out of sight.  

This was one of the most fun spontaneous adventures we have ever taken and we will definitely check it out again!

Friday, September 16, 2016

first day of pre k

Our babiest boys was ALL smiles on his first day of Pre K.  After a miniature meltdown every day last year, it was awesome and somewhat surprising to see this little man march straight in and get down to business without a worry or a tear.  Way to go Logi Bear!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

logan and ella in athens

Before Logan's first day of Pre K he wanted to choose a last day of summer adventure just like his brothers did.  One of the things on his list was returning to Bear Hollow Zoo.  This time we decided to take a friend with us.  Ella is one of Logan's best buds and co conspirators in many adventures so we snatched her up and took her along.  

We had a fun fun day of seeing animals, playing on the playground, giggling, feeding ducks and turtles, and sipping on milkshakes.  Love making memories with my babies and sharing them with their friends!