Monday, March 30, 2009

wet weddings

This past weekend two of our good friends from Conyers got married...YAY!!!!!!! Leslie and I were co coordinators. We had a great time doing it but we definitely worked our FANNIES off!! For all of you in the Southeast you know it rained and poured all weekend. Thankfully it only rained on the guests! Krista was able to stay dry as she came around the church and her and Michael were able to leave the church and stay dry as well. This was the 2nd wedding I helped coordinate and both have been very fun. Maybe I'll get another chance in the future ;)

Franc 1 and 2

The Bride and Groom
Michael and Krista Edwards

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunday song

My Savior, My God

I am not skilled to understand

What God hath willed, what God hath planned;
I only know at His right hand
Stands One who is my Savior.

I take Him at His word indeed:
"Christ died for sinners"--this I read;
For in my heart I find a need
Of Him to be my Savior!

That He should leave His place on high
And come for sinful man to die,
You count it strange? So once did I
Before I knew my Savior!

Yes, living, dying, let me bring
My strength, my solace from this spring-
That He who lives to be my King
Once died to be my Savior!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

take your pick

Manly woman OR colorful boy pirate?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday song

How Deep the Father's Love for Us

How deep the Father's love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure

How great the pain of searing loss,
The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the chosen One,
Bring many sons to glory

Behold the Man upon a cross,
My sin upon His shoulders
Ashamed I hear my mocking voice,
Call out among the scoffers

It was my sin that held Him there
Until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life
I know that it is finished

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gain from His reward?
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

I am going to try and share a song on my blog every Sunday. This one happens to be one of my favs (the words will definitely get you!) We sang it at church this morning and it touched me once again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

from awwww to AHHHH!!

Micah went from carefully putting dirt in a flower pot...

to throwing the dirt all over himself.

And from sweetly blowing a dandelion...

to stomping it to bits!!

My life is going to be really interesting in a few years :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

32 weeks and counting

We are 8 weeks away from baby boy #2 being born. I have not been so diligent keeping up with my belly shots this time. Mainly because I am too vain to have Zach take a picture of me when I'm not lookin' cute and since I run around with a 2 year old all day lookin' 'cute' is not always an option! I just got home from a baby shower and I was already dressed up so today was belly shot day.

So far so good. The baby is definitely moving ALOT and I still weight less than Zach! I have been feeling great and sleeping pretty well still. I went a little overboard yesterday cleaning the floors and pulled the few stomach muscles I have left, but hopefully they will recover quickly! We are also close to having a name for this little bundle which is always a positive thing :) The only thing I really need to do besides move Micah into a big boy bed is drag all my baby stuff down from the attic. However, that will be a last minute thing due to our housing questions. The excitement (and nervousness) is definitely growing around the May house!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

marriage questionaire

This has been going around facebook and my friend Mary made her answers a blog post so of course I am copying her!

♥ What are your middle names?
Sarah Ann and Zachary Truett

♥ How long have you been together?
We've been married for almost 5 years and 'together' for 7 1/2! WOW!

♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating?
We met in October of 2001 and had our first 'alone' date December 2001, but we did a few group things in between.

♥ Who asked who out?
I guess he asked me out first though my friends asked him to my birthday party before that.

♥ How old are each of you?
I am 27 and Zach is 26 (soon to be 27 in June)

♥ Whose siblings do you see the most?
Hmm...probably about even. His parents live a lot closer to us than mine but all my siblings are pretty much in the same place so it's easier to see them all at once.

♥ Do you have any children together?

We have a 2 year old boy named Micah and another little boy soon to be born who does not have a name yet.

♥ What about pets?
Daisy Mae May!

♥ Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Time together! Zach is a man of many talents/interests and therefore can be gone quite frequently.

♥ Did you go to the same school?

We went to college together...WAR EAGLE!

♥ Are you from the same home town?
haha...definitely not. I'm from Enterprise, AL and he's from France! Which is why he knows nothing about our sad :)

♥ Who is smarter?
I'm going to call it a tie!

♥ Who is more sensitive?
Uh, yeah, definitely me.

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Anywhere in Auburn! and Tokyo in Conyers.

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Paris, France for our 1 year anniversary.

♥ Who has the craziest exes?
Yeah that would be me

♥ Who has the worse temper?
Neither one of us have a bad temper. I definitely get irritated more but not in like a crazy mad temper way.

♥ Who does the cooking?
Me, Zach will grill occasionally, but he doesn't always remember to check up on the food :)

♥ Who is more social?
Him, definitely him, but I am better than I used to be.

♥ Who is the neat-freak?
haha, Zach a neat freak...laughable! I am Monica from friends!

♥ Who is the more stubborn?
Definitely both, but in different situations.

♥ Who hogs the bed?
Zach actually, he is all about stealing my side!

♥ Who wakes up earlier?
Me, always!

♥ Where was your first date?
Depends on what we count as our first date. Either an Auburn basketball game, a picnic at Kiesel Park, or a candle lit dinner at this random restaurant in the middle of nowhere Alabama.

♥ Who has the bigger family?
Zach, there are tons of May and Lees (his mom's family) running around. Not to mention he's the oldest of 6!

♥ Do you get flowers often?
I think the last time I got flowers was when Micah was born, but he often brings me a Dr. Pepper home which is just as good in my book!

♥ How do you spend the holidays?
We switch off the major ones each year, but will hopefully start doing Christmas Morning at home this year.

♥ Who is more jealous?
ummm...Zach used to hold that title when we first started dating because of a certain idiot, but I definitely have a more jealous nature. Probably due to the same idiot!

♥ How long did it take to get serious?
days, weeks, I pretty much knew almost right away that He was it!

♥ Who eats more?
At my present state I do...and probably even in my non pregnancy'ness' but it hasn't caught up with me yet!

♥ Who does the laundry?
Me, Always, and all the cleaning though Zach will help fold if needed and sweeps.

♥ Who’s better with the computer?
yeah definitely not me! Zach is definitely computer/tech savvy!

♥ Do you think you will stay in the town you are living now?
We absolutely LOVE our friends and church right now and thinking about leaving them makes us sad, but you never know what the future holds.

♥ What is your song?
No way to narrow that down. After a month of knowing each other we already had a CD full!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

moonpie designs giveaway

My bestest friend (and sewing instructor) is having a giveaway for one of her super cute handmade items. All you have to do is visit her blog moonpie designs and leave her a comment giving your opinion of the best, most needed baby item that you just could not live without.

Her and her husband will be having their first baby just two short months after baby boy May is due!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

any season sledding

Ever since Zach took Micah 'sledding' on our snow day he has been all about sliding down the hill, no matter the weather. I unfortunately can't bend over far enough to drag the 'sled' so he has to wait for Zach to do it, but it's still fun watching him get SO excited while sliding!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I was (actually) doing my homework for the woman's study I'm involved in on Wednesday nights and came across two paragraphs that were a great lesson and encouragement for me. It's from the 4th week of Beth Moore's Stepping Up study. It definitely help me put in perspective the various situations, frustrations, relationships, etc flooding through my mind lately. I hope it can encourage someone else too!!

"Biblically, one is pronounced blessed when God is present and involved in his life. The hand of God is at work directing all his affairs for a divine purpose, and thus, in a sense, such a person lived coram Deo, before the face of God." Sometimes the circumstances of our suffereing may not change, but the circumstances of our hearts are changed in the midst of them through a keen sense of God's presence and a lively perception of His activity.

Blessedness describes the condition of a person who revers God, steeps her life in him, and follows His ways. She DOESN'T just look to God in spiritual or religious matters. She looks to Him in every matter. He's not just the most important part of her life. He IS her life. The result of this divine invasion is that the life operates overall at optimum earth-satisfaction, joy, and purpose and without the crushing burdens of self-glory and sin. in other words, her life actually works!

**The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him me that is what a 'life that actually works' means! Now I just have to do it :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

$10.00 table

The transformation is complete! I think I spent around 10 bucks to complete the project and since I got the table for free 10 bucks is the total for the whole thing! Pretty cool!




I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's still a little sticky to the touch so we won't be eating at it for a few days and I need to find a cute vase or bowl or something for the middle but it definitely looks better in the kitchen than it used to!

Friday, March 6, 2009

from winter to spring

March just cracks me up! 5 days ago it was high 20s and snowing, today it is in the 70s and BEAutiful! A lot has happened over the past week some good, some not so good. Thanks everyone who knows what I'm talking about and has prayed for my family and friends. You are all amazing!

I am 9 weeks (or maybe less) from baby boy #2 getting here. We have yet to pick out a name but have had many suggestions, not going to say all good, and have a very long list. My nesting is definitely kicking in, but it's been hard because there's only so much you want to do to a house that you might not be in much longer. Though we haven't had ONE person interested enough in our house to actually come see it we are remaining positive about the whole situation. At least we have a home! To curve my nesting'ness' I am redoing furniture. This way no matter where we go I can take all that hard work with me!

Today I am repainting our kitchen table. It's a hand me down from my aunt and very solid but is that weird honeyish color and just not me. I'm not quite sure why I didn't think to paint it before since I've painted pretty much everything else! By tomorrow it will be black and beautiful and fit right in with my yellow, white and black kitchen. Next on the agenda is the boys furniture which is changing to a very fun red! I will be posting pictures soon so get excited ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day

I'm pretty sure every blogger I know has done a snow post, but who can blame us? It's not every day we Southerners see a good snow storm!

Sunday during church the snow started falling. The kids were VERY excited. I'm not sure how much attention they actually paid to their lesson. The adults weren't much better! The snow didn't start sticking until early afternoon but once it started it didn't seem to stop. I'm not sure how many inches we actually got but it was more than I have seen in a long long time!

We took Micah out after his nap to play in the snow and he loved it (for about 15 or 20 minutes!) He kept looking at everything saying Wow! Look at the slide....Wow! Look at the table...Wow! Look at the grass. He also got excited every time one of us took a step and left a footprint on the ground. We made snowballs, made a great snowman that fell down after about 5 minutes, and Micah and Zach slid down the hill on a piece of cardboard twice. After awhile his poor little face was red and his nose was running everywhere so we went inside for some hot chocolate!

I love looking at snow. It seems so peaceful and cleansing. However, I am perfectly happy to only see it once or twice a year :)