Thursday, March 29, 2012

Embrace the camera: march 29th

It took a lot of takes to get them all looking at the camera at the same time.  
Logan's face isn't really that fat he was just moving.  It is pretty fat though :)  
Even so embracing with all three was a special moment!

Friday, March 23, 2012

mirror image

the ol' ballgame

Micah had his first game last Saturday.  He was beyond excited to get his uniform on and have his first 'real' game.  I lost count of all the times I looked at him and almost teared up because of the cuteness of the moment.  Thankfully I kept it together.  I'm sure Micah wouldn't have minded now but ten years from now if I'm still telling him how cute he looks in his uniform he might get offended!

I guess I should share that his team lost.  His team is full of very spirited players but I'm pretty sure only two of them have every played before!  I honestly could care less if they win or lose as long as he is having a good time and learning how to play the game well and with good sportsmanship and so far so good :)  So far he hasn't minded either.  He just asks us after a game if he 'got set' well or had a good swing.  

I learned a couple things since starting this new 'sports' mom gig that I thought I'd share...
* having other people cheer against your baby is not the greatest
* sunscreen is an absolute must 
* if you think you've packed enough snacks for Connor to last through a whole game you haven't
* your heart will absolutely BURST with pride when you see your son get his first hit and you will     immediately have his life flash before your eyes as you wonder how on earth did he get old enough to be so big!

I'm sure many more things will pop up as the season progresses.  As of now I am just enjoying the moments and the newness of this experience :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching up

We are getting our house ready to put back on the market.  We are also considering renting it if we can find someone we know and trust.  Micah starts kindergarten next year and the decisions involved in that have definitely encouraged us to start the process and start it fast.  

That said my house has been in complete turmoil (organizational wise) and blogging hasn't been on the top of the list.  I can say that I have been quite calm staring at the disaster which has definitely impressed my husband!

If you have missed us, things that have been going on with the Mays this week are painting the laundry room, laying new floors in the bathroom, going on a double date with the Cardozas, battling pollen, keeping Micah dosed up with Benadryl due to the bad pollen (he's had it rough this week!),  buying a quarter of a naturally fed antibiotic and hormone free cow that is now taking up lots of space in my freezer (call the man!), along with the normal stuff of day to day living.

If you haven't missed us then check back in this weekend and I'll have caught up (hopefully) with more craziness and cuteness from the boys!

nighty night all :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

four months

We're one-third years old!  While I definitely still remember what life was like without our sweet Logi Bear, I am oh so grateful to have him in it now.  If it was possible to kiss the cheeks off of a baby they would be gone! We absolutely love this chunky, smiley, precious little boy.

At 4 months Logan is...
* 17.7 lbs and 24 1/2 inches long
* can lift his head to 90 degrees when on his tummy
* can't roll over but is starting the crunches and shoulder lifting that it requires so I don't think it will be long
* likes to sleep with his monkey or blue bear in his hands
* not a huge pacifier (ba ba) fan unless he is at the brink of sleep and it then it will push over the edge into sleep.  This doesn't bother me at all since Connor is seriously OBSESSED with his ba bas.  Having a self soother is pretty nice.
* smiles...constantly
* has quite a few chubby rolls
* still eats every 2 1/2 - 3 hours (which is wear all those rolls come from!)
* has slept through the night quite a few times but isn't consistent at all.  For example Monday he slept from 8pm - 5:45am and Wednesday he was up at 11:45, 3:30, who knows!

And as always here are some adorable pictures...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

embrace the camera:3/15

I had to bribe him with a piece of gum and he still didn't even look up.  OH well!

{embracing the camera} with my crazy nut!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I wanted to title this post "Micah is so cute playing baseball I almost can't stand it!" but I thought that was a little wordy :)

Micah is playing his first season of baseball this year.  We were a little nervous about starting because we didn't know anyone who was coaching and didn't want him to have a negative first experience by having a coach who was too intense for that age group.  I mean they're are some crazies out there!  However, we were blessed with a great coach.  He has 5 kids, used to coach high school baseball with some friends of ours, and goes to church with some other friends.  

Micah's favorite part is fielding. So far we've noticed that he's a very calm player.  He's not super aggressive which definitely has pros and cons in the sports world :)  He's loving it though and is learning a lot about the game and how to be on a team.  There first game is next Saturday and he is very excited about playing in his uniform for the first time :)

Add caption

ready to run

Gooooo Red Sox!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

other zach

We have a good friend named Zach.  A couple years ago he was at the house helping our Zach with the huge pile of dirt and Micah asked me who was at our house.  I told him Zach and he thought I was talking about his daddy but I said no it's the other Zach from church.  Pretty much from that day he has been referred to as Other Zach.  Now they both just call him that as if it's his name.  Quite humorous.  Anyway we were hanging out with 'other' Zach and his wife (who is expecting their first baby in August) and a few other friends for a surprise party and Micah and Connor got to play football with Other Zach.  They all had a pretty good time and I'm sure slept well after the craziness!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

embrace the camera: 3/8

I had big plans to get a picture of Connor and me but that little nut job has refused everytime I've gotten the camera out.  Instead here's some adorable pictures of my 'zacharys'

star wars

A few short months ago my boys had no clue about anything Star Wars.  Not that I don't like it.  In fact I LOVE Star Wars...well the original three anyway, but we hadn't introduced in to Micah yet. One small Christmas gift changed the entire playing dynamic in my home.  My brother gave Micah a Star Wars thermos and he wanted to know who those guys were.

Fast Forward to now and we've seen the first (a.k.a fourth) one, have collected quite a few action figures, own two bad guy masks and daily act out Star Wars in our home.  Connor is all about it too!  He even, after having two cavities filled :( , got to pick out a special toy from Target and chose Darth Vadar.  He has taken it to nap and bedtime every day since he got it.  Micah also used some of his birthday cash money to buy R2D2 who has also been a nightly bedfellow.  They're obsessed I tell you!

Luke Skywalker

Darth Vadar or ,as they sometimes call him, Anakin with the suit on

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

the perks

Some days certain things happen or certain things are said that make me thankful to be of mama of all these fellas.  The recent best thing that has surfaced is that I get to play the good girl parts during playtime like Princess Leia or Princess Peach or Repunzel or the girl pretending to be a boy on Swiss Family Robinson.  Also, as the one playing the girl I have two handsome heroes to come rescue me.  Connor tells me atleast once a day that I'm _____________ and he will protect me.  I gotta say that whether or not God puts a daughter in my life I am SUPER excited to have these little super heroes on my side!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

embrace the camera: march 1

It took until child number 3, but I've finally figured out the beauty of baby wearing :)