Monday, May 10, 2010

gettin' dirty

After our 'big snow' a sink hole appeared in our yard. We of course didn't notice it because it was winter and we weren't playing outside but of course some people looking at our house saw it! I researched a lot to see how dangerous they were and after reading determined it was probably caused by the builders burying tree trunks and other debris as they were clearing the land. This was a pretty common practice apparently but it's illegal now, probably because it causes big freakin sinkholes in your backyard!!! A friend of ours moves dirt and very graciously offered us some for free. yay! We received half a truckload last Thursday (two days before Connor's party) and needed to move it quickly. Two friends from church came over to help Zach haul it from the driveway to the hole. Micah decided this was the most manly fun ever and jumped right in to help with his wagon and trowel. They worked hard and moved all the dirt but it didn't fill the hole :( boo. I guess more dirt will be coming our way soon!


  1. We have on too. We have filled it once and b/c of all the rain we have had this year we have to put another load or 2 in this year. I hope that it has finally settled for good.

  2. Is it my imagination, or are Zach's biceps looking buff? Did he set up this picture to enhance his image?