Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunday was the end of something important...LOST! This show will go down in our life history as one if not THE best show we have/will watch together. To commemorate this important event we had a LOST:The Finale viewing party at our house. I had all sorts of ideas of how to do cute Dharma logos on all the drinks and pizza boxes, getting everyone a lei to wear, and other things but due to our fun and busy weekend I decided (or it was decided for me) that just being together and watching was good enough. We gathered together, some in costume, starting with the retrospective and working on through THE END. It was fabulously fun, exciting, and somewhat emotional.

In honor of this ending to part of my tv life I want to share my top 10 reasons of why I loved LOST.

10) The pretty boys to look at...Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, DESMOND :), and Richard. Well basically all the characters. They were each individually interesting, in depth, and fun to get to know.
9) It was not too funny, not too dramatic, not too scary but just the right mix of all three.
8) The scenery was gorgeous. I will definitely be visiting Hawaii some time in my life.
7) The way the story lines intertwined. Life really is just one giant pretzel looping around a lot of the same people even if you don't realize it.
6) You had to be on your intellectual toes while watching. There was SO much in there to think about and ponder.
5) Way back when I was working at Shoal Creek Chassidy, Kylie and I would sit around our lunch table while poor Krysti put up with us talking, talking, talking, talking about this show.
4) Fellow Losties. You can immediately find common ground with another LOST fan. You will automatically have something to talk about and share which can always lead into other things.
3) This show began just a couple months after Zach and I got married. It is the first show we have both loved and watched together from beginning to end. It is actually the ONLY show I have ever seen from the first pilot to the series finale.
2) The occasional warm, fuzzy ending montage.
1) No matter what anyone pretends this show was all about THE GOSPEL!! Love, Fellowship, Redemption, Forgiveness and Sacrifice. It might not have fit into everyone's personal 'theological' bubble but it'd be hard to argue the fact that this show RADIATED with examples/stories the Bible has set before us.

So long LOST...we'll miss you!


  1. Zach should always wear eyeliner and mascara. It fits him.

  2. We were Lost fans as well. One of my favorite things about the show was trying to figure our where they were on the island. We have been to a lot of the places where they have filmed!

  3. I love love love LOST and am sad I didn't do a party for the finale. How fun! You're right--I think the best thing about the show is the that you instantly connect w/other losties! ;)

  4. I won't lie...I was glad to see this show end...luckily no one on the 5th grade teams watched the show, so I didn't have to hear about it!!! :-)


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