Monday, November 17, 2014

freezing fall festival

This past weekend the boys' school had their fall festival.  We had a fun time with the boys but it was so so so cold.  So cold that even though we were already going to have to leave early the boys asked to go home well before it was time to leave.  However we made the most of our time there and played lots of games, watched Micah and Connor chat with some buddies and I even met a new mom whose son is in Micah's class.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I've had a birthday buddy now three years running.  Three years ago today I woke up in labor knowing that God does in deed continue to have a sense of humor as I realized that my milestone 30th birthday was going to be a bigger milestone than I thought.  Technically your "golden birthday" is when you turn the age of your birth date.  Even though there is always a twinge of something inside me as I have to share attention on November 15th, because I'm a great mom like that, celebrating 3 and 33 on the 3rd year of sharing a birthday with my 3rd son is actually a pretty cool thing.

There are many words I could use to describe Logan.  A few that come to mind are lovable, cuddly, funny, smiley, adventurous, courageous, talkative, and friendly.  However the adjective that soars above them all is crazy.  This child is CRAZY!  I mean that with all the love this mama can muster because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy but for real he's nuts.  He is climb up stuff, jump around, say the most random things, laugh at everything, talk your ear off, hide for no reason, say ridiculous words, knock you over, knock his brothers over, knock everything over, hug you and then punch you in love, call everyone poo poo man, C.R.A.Z.Y! 

He loves playing with Star Wars toys, cars, legos, swords and anything else his brothers are into.  He would spend hours letting you throw the ball so he could hit it and you'd get plenty of exercise because when he makes contact it's flying.  He loves Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Wizard of Oz.  He's a great counter, knows all his shapes and colors, and actually recognizes some letter shapes if you can get him to sit still long enough to actually learn anything.  If you attempt anything artistic with him he'll end up painting himself or you instead but he'll build and rebuild and rebuild for however long you'll join him.  He is the pickiest eater and has the worst list of foods he'll eat but guaranteed if it's eggs, bread, pasta or cheese he's all about it.  However if it's a fruit besides strawberry applesauce or a vegetable of any kind it is a battle and a half just to have it on the plate.  If I make soup you might as well run for the hills because a war is coming.

Logan Zachary May added spice to our boy tribe.  He added patience to his brothers and more laughter to our hearts.  He came out owning his baby brother status and hasn't let anyone forget that he is here.  Each of my boys has a very specific trait that makes them them.  Traits that I can see being so useful and special in the Kingdom of God.  Micah has leadership and an ability to make others feel like a part of something.  Connor has sensitivity and a quiet caring that makes you feel especially loved when he turns his thoughts towards you.  Logan has an energy that can put a smile on your face in the darkest times like a flash of something that even if you're not fully paying attention you can still feel it.

We love our Logi Bear!

Friday, November 14, 2014

a little basketball

This year we are branching out to a new sport!  Baseball is my personal love but there is basketball passion on both sides of our family and it felt like time to try it out.  Micah and Connor have been asking to play pretty much every sport there is and as a mama of three boys I have relegated myself to the fact that I will spend a large amount of life on a set of bleachers. 

 However I will not have three boys each playing three plus sports.  Do the math and you get ridiculousness!  When you add in the fact that they ALL will be taking piano at some point and will hopefully branch into musical and artistic things as well the time that would take up just becomes insane.  I realize it will take a lot of trial and error to find the balance between finding talents, encouraging gifts and not getting overwhelmed and overscheduled but I'm so glad I know that ahead of time so that we won't find ourselves in the midst of it all and go crazy, in theory anyway.

As of last night Micah and Connor are basketball players.  We are trying out an Upward league down the road from our house.  Since this is the first year either of them have played we wanted it to be very low key as they try out their untapped skills.  Zach and my brother Tim who just happened to be visiting and just happens to be one of the passionate basketball family members I mentioned took them to the church last night to get fitted for uniforms and go through some drills.  (Bonus they also took Logan and I spent 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen and sitting in peace and quiet.  Score for mama!)

All of them came back very excited and looking pretty darn cute in all the pictures!

Monday, November 10, 2014

oldest and youngest

Another thing Zach and I did recently was go to Athens, GA to take engagement pictures for his youngest brother Joel and his fiance Maddie.  Of course by we took pictures I mean Zach did while I carried the purses, pom poms and occasionally looked up cute poses on pinterest to make them do.  

With Zach being the oldest and Joel being the youngest and there being an 11 year gap between the two of them, they were not very close growing up.  Mainly because Joel was a mere babe when Zach left for college.  He was Micah's age when Zach left for Auburn.  I can't even imagine.  However of all the siblings, I think they are the most alike in personality, interests and talents.  It's really a pretty cool thing.

Because we are old boring people and they are young cool college people we do not get to hang out a lot so I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together.  In the midst of the walking and picture taking on the almost as beautiful as Auburn campus there was lots of talking and joking and continuing to get to know this beautiful girl who will become the last other.

Zach did a fantastic job, as always, taking pictures and I am sharing just a few of the hundred plus that all turned out amazing.  I will never cease to be amazed at all the talent this one man possesses and it will never cease to continually make me fall more and more in love with him as I see him use his talents for others.  And as you will see in the last few frames, He is the only one who can get me to be goofy in front of a camera and the only one who can make me smile my favorite smile.  


 And just for fun...