Wednesday, September 13, 2017

demolition down the street

Just down the street from our house the city is building a new park!  We are so excited about it coming and can't wait to ride our bikes to our very own neighborhood park.  On the property where the park will be was an old house.  Because Zach is on the park committee he had inside info on when the house was being demolished so he took the boys to go watch the demolition.  Nothing like wrecking things to provide entertainment for a bunch of guys!

six flags

Just two Zachs and a couple boys conquering Six Flags during the summer

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

first day of school

Kindergarten, Third Grade and Fifth Grade ready to be conquered!

the night before kindergarten

The babiest of the blonde boys started Kindergarten this year so the night before we read books all about school!  The Curious George First Day of School book was given to Micah by my best friend  before he started Kindergarten and we read it to Connor before his first day and now Logan before his.

This sweet, crazy boy was ALL smiles during story time and super teary right before bed.  It's hard and scary starting new things but so far he has rocked it!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

last day of summer

We have a special tradition on the last day of summer where each child can, within reason, choose one thing for us to do together.  The choice can't take up too much time or be too far away so that it doesn't take up all the time for the other events to take place.  This year's last day of summer was one of my favorites!

Micah chose to eat lunch at Tokyo, YUM!

Connor chose to go bowling.  So so FUN!  We chose code names for our games so playing was Tyler Chatwood,  Charlie Conway, Boba Fett, and Elizabeth Swan.

Logan wrapped up our day with a trip to Scoops for ice cream.  YUM again.

I loved spending the summer with the boys doing all the fun things and all the relaxing things and building a closer relationship with each of them.  Lots of things take a backseat in the summer so that we can be together in different scenarios and situations, and I am so thankful that I have that opportunity.  I will never regret the things I didn't get done because I was busy getting time with them.  

2017 was the Best Summer Yetsu. 

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