Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Halloween 2017

Halloween was pretty low key compared to years past and it was amazing.  When Halloween is on a school night it's hard to party too hard.  We carved pumpkins a day or two before and then went trick of treating with friends in a local picturesque neighborhood in Covington. The first house we visited belonged to Logan's Kindergarten teacher which was a fun surprise!

It was another year of non matching costumes inspired by the boys' current favorite things.  Micah dressed up as Jamie from Mythbusters and looked amazing even if he did get confused with a french painter from time to time.  Connor, after all of us had just watched the Hobbit (trilogy) chose Legolas.  It was perfect!  Logan chose to be Johnny, a gorilla from the movie Sing!.  A friend custom made his shirt and I got a Johnny mask from Etsy.  It was a unique choice and he quickly became super popular with our friend's son who is OBSESSED with that movie and Johnny.  He called Logan Johnny all night and it was the cutest!

Zach and I dressed as Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo.  A friend gave me her costumes from the previous year and they were a huge hit!  The funniest part was that Zach had NO CLUE who we were.  His frenchiness strikes again!

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