Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter! Friday our worship team put on an amazingly worshipful Good Friday concert and another wonderful service on Sunday. I was in the nursery but I could hear bits and pieces from the intercom :) After church we made the drive to Gainesville to be with Zach's family and it was a pretty relaxing afternoon. 5 of the 6 kids and their spouses/family were there and we spent the afternoon outside talking, egg hunting and frisbee throwing. Of course we were absolutely exhausted by the time we made it home but when are we not now a days! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

dyeing eggs

The boys dyed eggs Saturday afternoon while I was making our dessert for Easter. This was Connor's first experience with egg dyeing and if you take a close look at his expressions you can see he was QUITE excited :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday morning we went to Southern Belle Farm to pick strawberries. We forgot to get cash before we went so Zach dropped the boys and me off to check out all the animals while he ran to get the money. I wish wish wish I had gotten the camera out before he drove off because the boys were SOOOOOO cute looking at all the farm animals. We saw donkeys, goats, a mommy and baby cow, rabbits, baby chicks and ducklings, big chickens and a huge peacock! Then we walked down a loooooonnnnnnnggggg dirt road to the strawberry patch and were absolutely FILTHY by the time we arrived. It had rained the night before and was overcast all morning so our shoes were covered in mud. The strawberries were gorgeous (for me to look at since I don't eat them) and it didn't take long to fill up our bucket. Zach kept a close watch on Connor because he grabbed anything he could find and we ended up with a couple lime green strawberries!! We stayed long enough to feed the goats again and eat lunch because my baby belly was not going to allow a 20+ minute drive home without some food!

So far with our harvest I've made a strawberry trifle, 6 jars of freezer jam, some smoothies and have a few left that I guess the boys will just eat because I'm out of ideas!

Friday, April 22, 2011

easter egg hunt

Micah had his easter egg hung at school today. He was so excited he wanted to wear his Easter outfit so I caved and let him! They had a fun time running and searching for eggs. Connor followed him around the whole time (of course!). On the way home he just HAD to open them all and see what prizes lied inside. Fun times :)

cupcake face





Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one more time

This little bundle makes 3!

I know this news is not coming as a surprise to many of you. I haven't meant to delay in blogging about it but if you've noticed I haven't blogged about much the last few weeks and growing number 3 is the reason. My usual naptime blogging time has turned into lazy/naptime for mama as well. I am pleased to say that except for the first two weeks (which I don't want to even talk about!) I have felt not miserable. I don't feel normal, or energized, and I still get sick occasionally but compared to the first two times it's been a walk in the park. Hopefully that means whenever baby gets out it will be a calm, easy going, regular sleeper but I might be dreaming on that one!!

Last Wednesday the four of us when to my ultrasound appointment to see a picture of the baby. The boys sat with Zach during the 'screening' and after Micah was overrun with questions. Here's a few...

1) How did the baby get in there? (answer: GOD)
2) How will the baby get out? (answer: the doctor will get it)
3) Will you spit the baby up?
4) Before you spit the baby out will it get stuck in your neck and then you'll have a huge neck?
(After being told by Zach that it looks kind of like a peanut)
5) Will the peanut turn into a baby or is the baby inside the peanut shell?
6) Is the baby growing (question he asks daily!)

He also poured over the magazine they gave us at the doctor which shows inside pictures of the womb during development. I had to take out the 9 month pictures out because they were "action" pictures of an actual birth and I was NOT ready to explain all that. Plus I don't even want to look at those so a 4 year old doesn't need to either.

We are really excited about the baby but I have already had fears creeping up in the back of my head which include but are not limited to this house, 3 kids alone in church, time with Micah who I feel already gets the short end sometimes being the oldest. I've been praying about these things and hope you will too!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The first week in April Zach took a couple of days off work and we headed to Savannah for a mini vacation. We had gone as a family last year and Micah loved it so we decided to go again this year. It might become a Spring Break tradition but we'll have to wait and see. The theme of the trip could be water and food because there was a lot of both. Our first stop was Forsyth Park (gorgeous) where we played on the playground, played in the fountains and had a doughnut snack before heading to our hotel to check in.

After getting to the hotel we went straight to the heated outdoor pool to swim and then had dinner at Wild Wings Cafe in City Market where we ate, listened to some musicians outside and then played in the fountains there. After a quick stop at the candy store we headed home and CRASHED!!

After checking out a few tankers and tugboats from our hotel window we went to River Street and toured (for free) a sailboat that was built in the 1850s. The boys loved it! Then off to River Street sweets for a mid morning snack and then on our trolley tour for a ride around the city.

After naps and a pizza snack from Vinnie Van Go Gos we drove out to Tybee Island for a few hours on the beach. Micah and I looked for shells while Zach and Connor dug holes in the sand. Micah decided he wanted to dig too. The majority of our beach time was watching Micah run in and out of the water as the waves came in.

From the beach we went to the Crab Shack where Micah and Connor were enthralled watching the Alligators and watching Zach eat crab legs which neither of them had ever seen.

Saturday morning was our last day there. For breakfast we found a bakery that had AMAZING croissants and pain au chocolat! Then the boys spent a good bit of time running in the fountains in City Market again. After packing up we made a lunch stop at The Pirate House and then drove home happy but completely exhausted!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

peter pan

Last Tuesday night Zach, Micah and I along with the Cardozas and the Garretts went to see PeterPan360 in Centennial Park. As soon as I found out the show was coming to Atlanta I wanted to go see it. Since Micah dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween this past year I knew he'd love it!! We watched the YouTube videos from their London performance and got very excited but then never made plans for a day to go see it. Thankfully Leslie saw a great deal on ticketmaster for 50% off tickets and planned the event for us :)

Micah was excited the whole day and couldn't stop talking about seeing Capt. Hook and the crocodile and getting to sit next to Bella and Sawyer. The show was fantastic. Although, there were a few cuss words, Tinkerbell while hilarious appeared to be on crack and Tiger Lily was a lot more promiscuous than I remember from Disney! The venue was very small with a circular stage in the center and seats around it. We had great seats and could see everything really well. Micah seriously sat with his hands gripping the seats and his mouth wide open the whole show. His favorite part was the Crocodile who was a huge puppet that growled and burped very loudly! Makes sense that it was his fav.

By the time we picked up Connor from Steph's (thanks again!) he was out like a light and did not get out of bed until 10 the next morning.