Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one more time

This little bundle makes 3!

I know this news is not coming as a surprise to many of you. I haven't meant to delay in blogging about it but if you've noticed I haven't blogged about much the last few weeks and growing number 3 is the reason. My usual naptime blogging time has turned into lazy/naptime for mama as well. I am pleased to say that except for the first two weeks (which I don't want to even talk about!) I have felt not miserable. I don't feel normal, or energized, and I still get sick occasionally but compared to the first two times it's been a walk in the park. Hopefully that means whenever baby gets out it will be a calm, easy going, regular sleeper but I might be dreaming on that one!!

Last Wednesday the four of us when to my ultrasound appointment to see a picture of the baby. The boys sat with Zach during the 'screening' and after Micah was overrun with questions. Here's a few...

1) How did the baby get in there? (answer: GOD)
2) How will the baby get out? (answer: the doctor will get it)
3) Will you spit the baby up?
4) Before you spit the baby out will it get stuck in your neck and then you'll have a huge neck?
(After being told by Zach that it looks kind of like a peanut)
5) Will the peanut turn into a baby or is the baby inside the peanut shell?
6) Is the baby growing (question he asks daily!)

He also poured over the magazine they gave us at the doctor which shows inside pictures of the womb during development. I had to take out the 9 month pictures out because they were "action" pictures of an actual birth and I was NOT ready to explain all that. Plus I don't even want to look at those so a 4 year old doesn't need to either.

We are really excited about the baby but I have already had fears creeping up in the back of my head which include but are not limited to this house, 3 kids alone in church, time with Micah who I feel already gets the short end sometimes being the oldest. I've been praying about these things and hope you will too!!


  1. Congratulations again! And, I'll be praying for a smooth transition to 3. I know you'll do great with all 3 of them :)

  2. My favorite questions of the week. Love them! You won't be alone in the row at church. We will be right beside you.

  3. Woo Hoo! I am so excited for your graoing family!