Saturday, November 29, 2014

making aubie's face

Logan's wish was to have a tiger cake.  More specifically he wanted an Aubie tiger cake.  Aubie is the mascot for the Auburn Tigers.  I am not a professional by any means but I always try to make my boys wishes come true in terms of birthday cakes and I don't like spending insane amounts on paying for someone else just to make a cake.  With the help of google images and a lot of patience I was pretty proud of the end result!

in the leaves

Look closely...

puritan man

My sweet Connor did a great job and looked pretty stinking cute as a Puritan Man in the Kindergarten Thanksgiving program.  After the big group story each class did a song on their own.  Connor knew all the words to every song and I could see him smiling and mouthing the words along with everyone.  I can see him wanting to be on stage somehow in the future.

birthday day

Our birthday day was a little crazy busy.  I had celebrated a little the day before by using my Valentine's Day gift certificate for a massage, facial and manicure and then went out to eat with friends and it's a good thing I did because this year the day was pretty much all about the Logi Bear!

I spent the morning decorating his birthday cake and getting food ready for his birthday dinner.  Then after rest time we opened our birthday presents.  We gave Logan a Buzz Lightyear, a pack of figures from Planes Fire and Rescue and How to Train your Dragon 2.  Zach (and the boys) gave me the She Reads Giving Thanks study guide, the new Mitford book and a sporty watch.  After presents we headed to the Fall Festival and then straight home for dinner and birthday cake with friends.

I honestly ended the day exhausted and a little overwhelmed with thought and emotion but my baby boy had a great day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

back home

The day after mine and Logan's birthday Zach left to go to Denver for a training class.   He was gone for 6 nights and 5 days, not that I was counting, and checking them off and praying that the time would go by quickly.  

I'm always excited when he goes somewhere fun for work and I get to go with him but I am never excited when he goes somewhere for work and I am left alone.  Not that anyone is excited to have their husband traveling so I know this is a shared feeling.  When I am gone for a day or a girl's weekend or something He never fails to let me know how thankful he is for everything I do.  Being left alone with three boys that you have to clothe, feed, and keep track of and a house that you have to not let get too destroyed definitely brings out a thankful heart.

Same goes for me when he is gone.  The daily things aren't too big of a deal.  I get them ready for school everyday and pick them up and help with the homework and make the dinner and all that on a daily basis anyway.  It's after dinner when there's the clean up of kitchen and children, and then the reading of the stories before bed and the praying and the singing,when my heart deeply misses my other half. Don't get me wrong, I miss him during the day too but at least then I can just pretend he is still at work!  Added to the normal schedule there was also Connor's Thanksgiving program at school and a Thanksgiving Feast to be eaten twice in one day and doing it alone was just no fun.

Though I can be truly satisfied in the Lord alone, life is just more enjoyable with my baby by my side.  God said it was not good for man to be alone, I am only assuming it's not good for women either.  I love having my encourager, my sanity provider, my partner, my fellow parent, my escape if needed, my cuddler at the end of the day.  I prayed more for single mothers last week than I have in a long time.  My heart was opened up to them in a new and fresh way with a desire to figure out how to reach out in assistance or at the very least show the love and grace that is so needed during times of frustration and struggle.  Will you pray too?

 Zach has been gone for extended periods of time before but for some reason last week the thought of living life like that hit me more than it ever has.  Probably because I now know all to well how quick something like that could happen and how thankful I am that it didn't.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

sunday song

"Jesus, We Are Grateful"
Jason Gray
Jesus who rescues us from the wrath to come
You are the ark of God to save us from the flood
You are right to judge my sinful heart
But Your glory is Your mercy
For You condescend to make a friend
Of an enemy like me

Jesus who says come forth and calls the dead to rise
You are the Word of God whose breath sustains our lives
I was dead in all my guilt and shame
'Til You spoke my resurrection
Now You hide my life inside Your own
Where You whisper me Your love

Thank You, thank You
Jesus we are grateful
Thank You, thank You
Jesus we are Yours

Jesus who gathers us like children in His arms
You are the Lamb of God who shepherds us from harm
We will follow into family 
And be seated at Your table
Where matchless grace of an orphan makes
A child of God in full

Thank You, thank You
Jesus we are grateful
Thank You, oh thank You
Jesus we are Yours
Jesus we are Yours

Thank You, thank You Jesus [x4]

Thank You, thank You Jesus [x4]

Monday, November 17, 2014

freezing fall festival

This past weekend the boys' school had their fall festival.  We had a fun time with the boys but it was so so so cold.  So cold that even though we were already going to have to leave early the boys asked to go home well before it was time to leave.  However we made the most of our time there and played lots of games, watched Micah and Connor chat with some buddies and I even met a new mom whose son is in Micah's class.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I've had a birthday buddy now three years running.  Three years ago today I woke up in labor knowing that God does in deed continue to have a sense of humor as I realized that my milestone 30th birthday was going to be a bigger milestone than I thought.  Technically your "golden birthday" is when you turn the age of your birth date.  Even though there is always a twinge of something inside me as I have to share attention on November 15th, because I'm a great mom like that, celebrating 3 and 33 on the 3rd year of sharing a birthday with my 3rd son is actually a pretty cool thing.

There are many words I could use to describe Logan.  A few that come to mind are lovable, cuddly, funny, smiley, adventurous, courageous, talkative, and friendly.  However the adjective that soars above them all is crazy.  This child is CRAZY!  I mean that with all the love this mama can muster because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy but for real he's nuts.  He is climb up stuff, jump around, say the most random things, laugh at everything, talk your ear off, hide for no reason, say ridiculous words, knock you over, knock his brothers over, knock everything over, hug you and then punch you in love, call everyone poo poo man, C.R.A.Z.Y! 

He loves playing with Star Wars toys, cars, legos, swords and anything else his brothers are into.  He would spend hours letting you throw the ball so he could hit it and you'd get plenty of exercise because when he makes contact it's flying.  He loves Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Wizard of Oz.  He's a great counter, knows all his shapes and colors, and actually recognizes some letter shapes if you can get him to sit still long enough to actually learn anything.  If you attempt anything artistic with him he'll end up painting himself or you instead but he'll build and rebuild and rebuild for however long you'll join him.  He is the pickiest eater and has the worst list of foods he'll eat but guaranteed if it's eggs, bread, pasta or cheese he's all about it.  However if it's a fruit besides strawberry applesauce or a vegetable of any kind it is a battle and a half just to have it on the plate.  If I make soup you might as well run for the hills because a war is coming.

Logan Zachary May added spice to our boy tribe.  He added patience to his brothers and more laughter to our hearts.  He came out owning his baby brother status and hasn't let anyone forget that he is here.  Each of my boys has a very specific trait that makes them them.  Traits that I can see being so useful and special in the Kingdom of God.  Micah has leadership and an ability to make others feel like a part of something.  Connor has sensitivity and a quiet caring that makes you feel especially loved when he turns his thoughts towards you.  Logan has an energy that can put a smile on your face in the darkest times like a flash of something that even if you're not fully paying attention you can still feel it.

We love our Logi Bear!