Wednesday, August 30, 2017

lake martin

We have gone on vacation with Zach's family several times, and visit my family often, but this summer was the first time my family had ever gone off somewhere together.

We spent five days together at Lake Martin in Alabama and it was simply the best.  I think we were all pleasantly surprised at how great it actually was.  Hours were spent floating peacefully in the water, riding the jet ski, kayaking, playing board games and relaxing on the giant wrap around porch.

Our boys fell in love with pool as there was a table downstairs and I fell in love with Ina Garten's brownies that my mom brought.

There are so many great memories from the weekend but here are my top 5 in no particular order...

1.  The girls' epic come back win in trivial pursuit

2.  Watching the kids on the jet ski and then watching them close up on go pro videos.  Hilarious!

3.  Seeing my boys wakeboard in a real lake for the first time.

4.  Eating dinner on the back porch

5.  Kayaking with my nieces

Bonus 6.  Floating and chatting with my sibs and sibs in law

We've all got great memories and are excited about a return trip next summer.