Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Some friends from church had a first birthday party for their son Noah this past weekend. Noah's mom went to Auburn and was in the band with Zach. They didn't 'know' each other then but recognized each other when they came to visit our church for the first time which I just think is kinda cool. Anyway Noah's mom is a big horseback rider so the party was a cowboy theme. There was even a pony there for the kids to ride. Micah didn't freak out when I asked him if he wanted to ride it but he did give me a very emphatic NO. Connor however (of course) wanted to take a turn.

This boy won't let the bagger at Publix push him to the car in the cart while I stand next to it, but he let two girls he'd never met lead him around the yard alone on a horse. Craziness! He looked so cute and big up there and while he had a more serious face than the typical goofy smile he enjoyed himself. My big cowboy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

boy oh boy oh boy

Yesterday was the big ultrasound. I woke up a nervous wreck. This pregnancy has been so different than the first two but since everyone is different I didn't want to let myself think that there was going to be something different inside as well :) The night before Micah told me that he wanted two little brothers and when I asked him if it would be ok if it was a little sister he said, "It'll be fine whatever it is." What a good answer ;)

My appointment was at 9 in the morning so we didn't have to wait long. We all went in she got me gooped up and about 15 seconds later asked if we were ready to know.....NO!....YES!...ok go ahead. It's another little boy! Whether he realizes it or not Zach's face lit up knowing he'd made another little man, Micah responded "that's what I wanted" with a big grin and Connor was too busy trying to climb on everything in the room to notice anything else. I would love to say that I was immediately overjoyed at the thought but I can't lie. I was a little sad. My heart wanted a little girl and not just because I already have two boys (my boys are awesome!) but because I wanted to experience that part of being a mother as well. I would also love to say that I didn't cry (because I really didn't want to) but during the appointment when the nurse asked if it was a girl and I responded no the tears just started. She was so sweet and gave me a big hug and I felt like well atleast she doesn't think I'm an awful person.

I'm putting aside those daughter thoughts for now because whether or not it's what I thought I don't want to miss out on any of the joy from this sweet baby boy. I pray that he will be as close to his brothers as the first two already are together, that he will bring a different part to our family that we don't know we need, and that he GOD WILLING has gorgeous dark hair like his daddy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday song

Love Immeasurable
Ryan Long Music © 2007

Love immeasurable, love divine
Love unlocked this prison mine
Love who paid for all my crime
Wrap my heart in thine

I had built a life on shifting sand
Bounding down the brink you grabbed my hand
Unaware was I my tragic state
Rescued how can I but celebrate

Love immeasurable, love divine
Love unlocked this prison mine
Love who paid for all my crime
Wrap my heart in thine

Drowning in a well of dark despair
Dropped a rope and dragged me up for air
Purged my lungs of liquid given voice
Bid this twisted tongue of mine rejoice

Love immeasurable, love divine
Love unlocked this prison mine
Love who paid for all my crime
Wrap my heart in thine

Sleeping in a coffin set to die
Wakened by the son and grateful I
Raised to life and love and faithfulness
Happy I to give you nothing less

superman jammies

Micah was given a pair of Superman pajamas from Uncle Andrew at his first Christmas. We passed them down to Connor this week. He LOVED them! However bedtime was delayed for another 30+ minutes as they both stared and posed in the mirror and then put on their superman capes and flew around the house.

p.s. If you want an awesome super hero cape of your own (or for your child) contact Stephanie Moon at moonpie(dot)designs@yahoo(dot)com.

tag team

I recently posted this on facebook..."Is it okay to love that your children are so close but hate it at the same time. This tag team duo may put me over the edge today!"

Now in all honestly I LOVE that Connor and Micah play so well together. I mean they play like they are friends!! Yes occasionally they feed off each other until the two of them have reached the highest stage of silliness and I fear what they might do/say next but I will take that any day of the week over arguing/pushing/fighting/etc! I seriously pray they stay like this for the duration :)

remote control cars spinning on their sides because this is the"cool" way to do it

playing on the porch in the early stages of a storm and throwing the wet stuff into the yard

"look Mi Mi"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fuzzoodle fun

Warning: Fuzzoodles are super cute fuzzy funny creatures but they are a little tricky to put together. We've played with them 4 or 5 times and I"m finally kind of getting the hang of it :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what I live with

Just a small taste of what I live with ;)

it's very entertaining

Monday, June 20, 2011

food beggar

Connor likes food. He eats a lot of it, asks for it constantly or just down right steals it. If I want to ever eat my own meal/snack it has to be while he has his own food or while he's asleep. It's kind of ridiculous. We have a basket of snacks in the kitchen (crackers, bars, fruit snacks, etc) and if he wants something he'll get the basket down grab whatever and immediately come to you with this cute beggar face. I gotta say it's hard to say no but sometimes I can be strong :)

He and Micah's personal favorite is stealing my tea every morning.
They're lucky I love them :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mr. eric

Last summer we went to a few of our libraries special programs. One of our favorite was a former teacher named Mr. Eric who is now an author and performer. We had the best time at his show, bought his book and one of his CDs and it quickly became one of the boys favorite! Mr. Eric was coming back again this year and today we got to see him :) Micah was looking forward to today soooooo much and it didn't disappoint. I took Micah, Connor and Silas (who is hanging out for the day) to meet up with Sarah and Natalie for the show. We got great spots on the floor and all 3 boys loved it! They clapped, jumped, danced and listened really well. Mr. Eric's first book was Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and he has a new book coming out next month called Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes. We can't wait! I absolutely just love the positive spin he puts in his stories/songs and encourages you to keep going because it's "alllllll gooooood" If you've never heard of Mr. Eric please check him out!! I'm sure you'll love him as much as we do :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

zoo night

We became members of Zoo Atlanta this year. Which means for a pretty good deal we can visit the zoo any time we want. My name is the only official name on the membership so it even allows me to bring an adult guest and 2 additional kid guests along with my own 2 in case I go during the week which is pretty much what we'll do. We only have to visit the zoo twice to get our money back on the investment!

Saturday night they had a members only zoo visit. From 5:30-8:30 only members were allowed in to see the animal exhibits, ride the rides, and do extra activities. So we headed out with the moons (who are also members). While it was fun, it was PACKED and since we didn't really do any of the extra activities just going on a random weekday will be a lot more fun and make more sense. We saw a good bit but didn't get to ride the carousel, ride the train, see the snakes or do the petting zoo. We made it to the children's zoo pretty much 5 minutes after it closed and Micah was pitifully sad about it!

I'm hoping to go with the boys one morning this next week again and we'll be heading the the children's part first!

catching a ride

connor and silas with the lion

micah staring at the map and making his daddy oh so proud!

waiting for dinner

my bubbles ;)