Wednesday, December 28, 2016

school christmas partying

I love being able to be a part of all the boys' school activities.  Seeing them in their school environment with their friends always gives me a different perspective on their personality, allows me to see them open up in a different way.  I love it every time.

This year I attended Logan's but helped with both Micah and Connor's running a different center.  During Micah's party I also sat in and watched the boys' give each other their secret santa gifts and it was hilarious.  Boys gift each other much different items and laugh about much different things than females.  There were pokemon cards, baseball cards, mad libs, monster trucks and other very masculine items exchanged.  Even as a mama of all boys I am not always used to the boy personality differences but they never fail to crack me up even when I'm completely baffled! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

our christmassy home

 Welcome to this year's Christmas decor.  It was minimal yet purposeful with just a few touches in each room to bring a smile to our faces and reminders to our hearts of the season we were celebrating.

christmas eve with the cardozas

Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with the Cardozas was another fun and memory filled one.  Connor threw up on the way there so we are still praying we didn't spread that Christmas cheer around!  The kiddos played, the adults chatted, we ate a delicious dinner of Publix fried chicken because neither of us felt like cooking this year, and then exchanged gifts.  I love friends who are like family; friends who bring comfort just by being themselves.  We love this family so much and always look forward to special times with them or any time together for that matter!

Monday, December 26, 2016

advent activities days 21-23

Day 21

Stone Mountain Christmas

Zach took the day off to take the boys to a Stone Mountain Christmas!  We had such a fun afternoon and evening!

We started by watching a glass blowing demonstration and then watching Rudolph 4D.  Then we played a few holes of mini golf while waiting for the train ride to begin.

Next we rode on the Sing-a-long train!

Then played in the Big Barn.  This is a child favorite.

We rode the Sky Buckets up to the top of the mountain.  We have never taken the boys to climb it and neither Zach nor I have climbed in almost a decade.  By the time we reached the top the sun was starting to set and it was a gorgeous view!

The night time activities start at 6 with a parade.

After walking around to see the lights we headed home.  Such a fun day!

Day 22

Watching one of my favorites, A Muppet Christmas Carol

Day 23

We attended the Christmas Eve Eve service at New City Church and then took a stroll through the Chimney Park Lights in Covington.