Monday, December 12, 2016

logan's birthday day

Logan's birthday day started with him walking through his crepe paper and balloons with a big ol smile on his face.  He had waffles per request and opened his presents before Micah and Connor left for school.  He is obsessed with army men and knights right now so that is exactly what he got.  He spent the rest of the time before Preschool playing with them and has played with them every day since.

That night for his (Our) birthday dinner he chose Zaxby's which I was very thankful for and we had one of the best dinner out experiences our family has ever had.  

During dinner I did his annual birthday interview.  Here are the answers from the new 5 year old!

Favorite color- green
favorite food- crazy bread
favorite drink- sprite cherry
favorite snack- flavor blasted goldfish
favorite tv show- man vs. wild
favorite movie- Narnia Movies
favorite song- My Shot remix
favorite animal- black jaguars and lions
favorite friends- Beckham, Connor, Micah, Daddy, Mommy, Dillon, Evelyn (she's a girl), 
Cooper, Sammy, Olivia, Peter, Ella, Elias, Leah, Elodie, Miriam, Heidi, Leah's chub bub, and Gus
favorite restaurant- Zaxby's
favorite sport- baseball and football
favorite team- Auburn, Braves
favorite game- hide and seek tag
favorite toys- knights
favorite candy- cookies and cream bar

When I grow up I want to be an Army Man

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