Monday, December 26, 2016

advent activities days 16-20

Day 16

When four out of the five of us deem it too cold to go watch Charlie Brown's Christmas on the Square we have a double feature at home with Charlie Brown plus The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Day 17

We hosted our old small group who happens to now be some of our best friends for a Christmas Party gathering.  There was much talking, laughing, and singing.  It was such a beautiful night with people we know and love who know and love us back.  It might have even caused a few tears the next day at the church we are visiting as the realization sank in a little bit more that we are starting over with church community.  

Day 18

After eating lunch after church with friends and then playing street hockey with the kids we took the boys Christmas shopping for each other.  Our night ended cuddled up on the couch and floor watching the live stream of Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God.  We even caught some cousins on camera!

Day 19

Faux snow!  This is one of the most fun but MESSIEST activities of the season.  The boys always love it and spend an hour or more playing but it definitely makes a mess.

I've used a different recipe each year and they all turn out very similar.  If you want to try it mix corn starch with either non gel shaving cream, lotion, or conditioner.  One bottle of your add in with every box of corn starch.  Putting the corn starch in the freezer and the other item in the fridge makes for a cold snowy experience.  So much fun!

Day 20

Micah and Connor went to see Rogue One with Zach while Logan and I saw Moana.  Both groups loved their movie!  Since Rogue One is longer and I was feeling very kind I took Logan to Chuck E. Cheese next door to play a few games which I have NEVER done with any of my kids.  I love arcades, hate Chuck E. Cheese.  He thought it was amazing!

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