Friday, February 27, 2015

phone pic friday

There was a chance of snow in mid/north Georgia on Wednesday so to be extra precautionary any school system with a chance of snow cancelled school.  Well it didn't snow it just rained and since freezing rain is not very much fun to play in we were stuck inside all day.  We took advantage of it by building an aluminum can robot that Micah got for his birthday.  We also played a game called Labyrinth.  I purchased it at a consignment sale a couple years ago but we'd never played.  It is SO FUN!  Micah and Connor and I loved it and played for almost two hours while Logan napped.  It is our current favorite!

Connor created animal towers.

The boys' school had a Family Fitness Night with lots of fun exercise activities and some healthy snacks to taste test.  Logan and I could go because he'd been sick for the past few days so Zach got a fun night with his oldest two.  Apparently Connor has a freakish talent for spinning plates.

Thursday night was upward awards.  They each got a duffle bag.

Big Hero 6 came out this week so it was the obvious choice for movie night.  If you havem't seen it, you need to!


Connor loves to make his own stuff.  If there is something he likes or wants but either doesn't have or we won't spend the money on he usually doesn't complain, he just creates his own.  A prime example is the cardboard and paper 3DS he carries around in his back pocket.  He definitely was influenced by his older brother because Micah has always been one to create as well and while there are times we do purchase their greatest wishes it's just as fun or even more so to watch the way they make their own.

Recently Connor decided to make a skateboard.  This idea was influenced by a few things around him.  The first was his buddy William buying a ripstik and the second was of course a curious george episode where george used cars to roll a large piece of wood.  Connor took a board he had decorated and duct taped cars all over the bottom and spent days "skateboarding" around the house.  He even helped Logan make one too.  I am absolutely in love with the imaginations that come out of my boys!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

eating playdoh

A few weeks ago Logan and I attempted making homemade playdoh.  I grabbed a recipe off pinterest that would allow me to use ingredients I already had because the wet, frigid (for Georgia) weather wasn't friendly for store visiting.  We followed the directions and ended up with a lump of doughy disgustingness that smelled funny and was a disaster to play with.

I promised Logan that day that they next time we tried to make playdoh it would be the kind you can eat.  That way if it was worthless for actual playdohing at least we would have a yummy snack.  I sought pinterest again, it really is the greatest source for projects of all kinds, and found this pin that had links for 15 different recipes.  We started with the vanilla and the chocolate.  They were both really easy to make and were delicious.  I personally thought the vanilla was WAY too sweet which makes sense because the two ingredients are whipped icing and powdered sugar.  The chocolate, however, tasted just like brownie batter and would probably make a delicious truffle!

All three boys loved playing with it as well.  They were both malleable and didn't get too sticky with warm little boys hands touching it.  Logan spent a lot more time eating than playing but that is to be expected.  Also to be expected was the HUGE mess they made on and under the table but I will always sacrifice a mess for an hour plus of fun and concentration. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ballin' with buds

We've been doing small parties for a couple of years now.  We love both of our families but they are huge and we learned the hard way that it can get quite overwhelming for me and our sensitive boys to have family and friends thrown together in a big shindig.  

Usually we let the boys pick a couple friends to go do something fun.  This year all Micah wanted was to play basketball with friends.  We searched around to borrow a gym so that it could just be us there and Zach found a place in Covington.  Conyers Street is owned by the Rec Dept and you can rent it by the hour.  I've driven by it hundreds of times on the way to and from school and was hoping by the look of the outside that the inside would be a cool old gym with lots of vintage appeal.  I was not disappointed.  It looked like a set right out of Hoosiers!

This space is not meant for parties or even for nice activities but it had a heated gym full of space for ballin' so it was perfect!  Zach was in charge of the party.  They started with some fun warm ups and then played a few different basketball inspired games.  There were team shot contests, Granny shooting contests, free throw contests, a game of 4 on 4 which included all the adults and just some fun free time shooting around.  The guests had a blast and that's all we were looking for!