Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ballin' with buds

We've been doing small parties for a couple of years now.  We love both of our families but they are huge and we learned the hard way that it can get quite overwhelming for me and our sensitive boys to have family and friends thrown together in a big shindig.  

Usually we let the boys pick a couple friends to go do something fun.  This year all Micah wanted was to play basketball with friends.  We searched around to borrow a gym so that it could just be us there and Zach found a place in Covington.  Conyers Street is owned by the Rec Dept and you can rent it by the hour.  I've driven by it hundreds of times on the way to and from school and was hoping by the look of the outside that the inside would be a cool old gym with lots of vintage appeal.  I was not disappointed.  It looked like a set right out of Hoosiers!

This space is not meant for parties or even for nice activities but it had a heated gym full of space for ballin' so it was perfect!  Zach was in charge of the party.  They started with some fun warm ups and then played a few different basketball inspired games.  There were team shot contests, Granny shooting contests, free throw contests, a game of 4 on 4 which included all the adults and just some fun free time shooting around.  The guests had a blast and that's all we were looking for!  

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