Thursday, February 26, 2015

eating playdoh

A few weeks ago Logan and I attempted making homemade playdoh.  I grabbed a recipe off pinterest that would allow me to use ingredients I already had because the wet, frigid (for Georgia) weather wasn't friendly for store visiting.  We followed the directions and ended up with a lump of doughy disgustingness that smelled funny and was a disaster to play with.

I promised Logan that day that they next time we tried to make playdoh it would be the kind you can eat.  That way if it was worthless for actual playdohing at least we would have a yummy snack.  I sought pinterest again, it really is the greatest source for projects of all kinds, and found this pin that had links for 15 different recipes.  We started with the vanilla and the chocolate.  They were both really easy to make and were delicious.  I personally thought the vanilla was WAY too sweet which makes sense because the two ingredients are whipped icing and powdered sugar.  The chocolate, however, tasted just like brownie batter and would probably make a delicious truffle!

All three boys loved playing with it as well.  They were both malleable and didn't get too sticky with warm little boys hands touching it.  Logan spent a lot more time eating than playing but that is to be expected.  Also to be expected was the HUGE mess they made on and under the table but I will always sacrifice a mess for an hour plus of fun and concentration. 

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