Friday, February 20, 2015

phone pic friday

A little sneak peak at one of my Craft Market products.  This is step one.  4 more to go.

I was playing around with watercolors the other day and Logan joined in.  He's quite good ;)

dribbling drills on the picnic table

My mother in law and I worked on some decorations for my brother in law's rehearsal dinner.  They turned out so cute.

Connor and a teammate took advantage of their break and played some paper, rock, scissors.

Poppy and Nana came to stay for a couple days and got to see the boys play.  Connor scored 6 points in his game!

The night before my baby turned 8.  Reading by headlamp.

I had just finished sweeping the kitchen when Connor came in to tell me he had been playing in the leaves.  Ya think!?

Testing a dark gray on the piano bench before I dive into the whole thing!

A little gaming with the Logi Bear before bed time.

Logan turned my camera on at Ransom while he was supposed to be playing Lego Jr.

Logan asked me to build a tower.  This was my masterpiece.  He informed me it wasn't good enough.

He then added one piece and pronounced it perfect.  Can you find it?

Sweet and quiet carline napper

Introduced a classic for movie night this week!

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