Thursday, April 30, 2015

savannah spring break

The week after Easter was the boys Spring Break from school and we were in NEED of some time away as a family.  With baseball season in full swing (pun intended), the craft sale coming quickly and plans for the three homes we are responsible for getting ready for a move escaping from it all was a perfect plan.

We love going to Savannah because it's usually warm, there is lots to see and fun and cheap stuff for kids to do.  We've gone 4 of the last 6 years for Spring Break and had a blast every time.

On the first day we left after breakfast to drive there and went straight to Forsyth Park to have a picnic lunch and play until we could check into our hotel.  They had a built a giant new playground since we were last there and we spent the majority of the time playing on that.  Micah and Connor loved the dragonfly wing see saw and Logan loved pretending the dragonfly was toothless and he was hiccup riding on his back.  There was also a really cool merry go round thing which Connor ended up flying off of but he hopped back up laughing so all was well.

After checking into the hotel we went straight for the pool.  It is heated (kind of) so it felt pretty good.  I'm pretty sure none of the boys would have cared too much either way though!

We spent the evening walking around City Market while waiting for a table at Vinnie Van Go Go's.  They built an Anthropologie next to City Market, exactly .2 miles from the hotel we always stay at and that was my FIRST stop.  Zach stayed out with the boys so I could ogle everything in peace but I had to bring him back in because I found some pillow shams I think will look perfect with our new bedroom.  Still wishing for those for mama's day that's coming up :)

Day 2 was a full one.  We started with breakfast at the hotel while watching the barges come down the river.  Then we headed straight to Riverstreet Sweets because come on that's really the best place to go.  We took the free ferry across the river to the other end of Riverstreet and walked down and visited the shops we wanted to see and then walked back up to walk under the trees for a bit.  Zach took Micah and Logan back to the hotel to get ready to drive out for lunch while Connor and I went to check a couple antique stores for license plates.  We found South Carolina which made number 25 so I'm halfway to all 50!

 Our afternoon was going to be spent at Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island with some seafood for dinner.  Logan fell asleep on the way there so we stopped off at Wormslow so Zach could get a picture.  He got one the last time we were there but it was very foggy and rainy.  This day was gorgeous and I have visions of a blown up copy of this photograph in our home and Zach was only too happy to oblige.  We ate some yummy barbecue before heading to a very manly couple hours at Fort Pulaski learning about the Civil War and seeing canons and guns and swords and jails.

I really wanted to go visit the lighthouse on Tybee Island but we got there a little too late to go up.  Instead the boys looked for a geocache in the palm trees and we went to walk on the beach for a bit before dinner.

Zach and the boys ended the day with a little night swimming while I watched from the side under a towel for warmth!

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sky and had plans to let the boys play in the fountains at City Market before we left.  Unfortunately they were setting up for a concert later that night so we couldn't play :(  We walked around a couple of the different squares, we to the candy shop for some last treats, and ducked into Anthropologie because it was just right there and headed home.  

We arrived back with all the things to do still there but much lighter in spirit and much bigger smiles on our faces.  Getting away with the ones you love best is definitely good for the soul!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

kindergarten egg hunt

Zach got to accompany Connor on his Kindergarten Easter Egg hunt on Good Friday.  Connor was SO excited that his Dad was getting to come since apparently I come to everything and it's not that exciting anymore ;-)