Saturday, January 30, 2016

phone pic friday

There are four weeks of 2016 phone pics to catch up on, minus the ones that have been shared in other posts.  This month has started with lots of work on the house in preparation for new things coming in our lives and because it seems as if moving in and settling in takes a lot more time than I thought.  

Annual New Year's Day doughnuts

My new hairpin legs on an old spool and now there's a bedside table in my guest room.

Sunny, winter days are the best

First fire in our new home

Joy in writing

Our two kittens cuddled up

Hipster Hot Chocolate

Wild Art painting party

New, Old hooks in the bathroom


Leia saying hi

Basketball buddies

Early morning free Chickfila breakfast

Logan and his Teddy

Sunrise from the back porch

Magnolia Market!

Back from the weekend hugs from my Logi Bear

9 more to go!

Callie Rey found a bed

Handles.  Doors will come sooner or later.

Friday, January 29, 2016

sweet magnolia

I hadn't been on a girls' trip since I was pregnant with Connor.  That's a good 7 years ago.  There have thankfully been many day trips and girls' nights out but this past weekend I boarded a plane with four fantastic ladies and flew to the big state of Texas.  

If you are a fan of HGTV then there is a good chance you have heard of the show Fixer Upper.  It is a favorite of mine for all the reasons it is loved by many.  A fun couple who wants to bring joy to families by making houses into homes and revitalizing the town they love in the process.  Seriously great and beautiful things in that show, and not just from the decor!  While watching with Zach one night I said out loud how cool it would be to go out there and my travel loving husband immediatey started planning a trip.  Somewhere in the middle of the planning He let go of his need to adventure with me and instead gave me the gift of a weekend away with the girls.  

As much as I wish everyone was able to come, I loved the time with the three others who were able as we drove under the big Texas sky, walked in the very cold Texas wind, talked about things that only come up when you are with each other 24/7 and searched for treasures.  It was a very memorable weekend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

the weekend

Long weekends are amazing!  I wish every week had a Monday holiday especially during our sport's seasons so we would have at least one day at home to accomplish all the things!

My parents came up this weekend to visit before the craziness of tax season starts for my dad.  They were able to watch Micah and Connor's basketball games in which they each scored six points, though Connor's age doesn't technically keep score.

The afternoon was chilly but sunny and gorgeous and we spent the whole thing outside swinging, riding bikes and such, napping in the sunshine and I finally figured out how to ride Micah's ripstik without killing myself.  Add to that the painting I got done on the new pantry (to be shared soon) and the crazy amount of projects Zach checked off the list on Monday and it was quite a successful weekend.