Thursday, January 14, 2016

leia, obi, and callie rey

We moved into our home having just lost my sweet 14 year old Golden Retriever, Daisy.  However waiting on the porch of the home we had just bought was a skittish little gray and white kitten with a hurt ear and an infected eye.  She had been through something for sure but decided our porch was her refuge and every day I came back to work she was standing guard.  It took a few weeks before she would let us touch her but she had already claimed our home as hers and the boys were in love so Leia officially was ours.

Fast forward 8 months and add in some very poor age calculations on our part and Leia became the mama of a black and white boy and a sweet calico, which I learned are always girls.  Who knew?  The black and white one was going to stay so he became Obi Wan Kenobi May, Obi for short.  The original plan was to find a home for Callie (short for Calico) but as the weeks wore on the two kittens were so sweet together, were hilarious to watch play and followed each other and us everywhere that we caved and Callie was officially a May.

Since then we have loved having these new additions to our family.  They are outdoor cats because of the allergies of many friends, my lack of desire to change a litter box and the intense hunting skills they possess.   I built them a kitty house and insulated it via pinterest instructions so the winter weather shouldn't be a problem.

Leia is a complex young lady.  She's a wanderer, a hunter and a homebody in one.  She's also the only one who tries to sneak inside every chance she gets.  If the door is open a crack she bolts.  We have found her relaxing atop many a bed and blanket not knowing how long she's been hiding out.

Obi is the cuddliest of them all and the worst hunter though he is improving.  I once witnessed him letting a squirrel get away after Callie had handed it over for the final demise.  She was none to happy about it.

Callie is now Callie Rey May after the new Star Wars heroine.  We certainly can't leave her out as far as the namesakes go.  She is very skittish but has decided recently that it's ok if I try to pet her occasionally.  She loves Micah the most and will let him pick her up, cradle her, and dance with her.  It's so so cute to watch.

They love to be with us when we play outside and will hang out playing in the yard right next to wherever the boys are.  They also love to watch me paint, Callie from a distance but Obi right next to me so close that his nose has caught a couple colors.

We really love our trio.

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