Tuesday, May 26, 2015

tears of may

May has been a whopper.  It always is, for everyone it seems.  You wait through the dreariness of winter, or mildness of Georgia winters, ready for flowers and sunshine, spring winds and peaceful days outside and then May comes with all its beauty.  You think yes this is what I've been waiting for now let me sit and enjoy because, much like childbirth you have forgotten all the not so wonderfuls.

The month of May never fails to produce a calendar so full it has me actually loving that I no longer carry around my cute planner with my pens for color coordinating schedules.  Praise the Lord for Google calendar and it's infinite space availability in those boxes.  Yes please add another + to show the 18 other things I have on the same day.

May marks the end of everything.  It's like a program spring cleaning to get out all the stuff before the lazy days of summer.  For anyone with school aged children and/or children who do extracurricular activities, May is full of field days, field trips, award ceremonies, graduations,  baseball games, soccer games, piano recitals,  dance recitals, end of year parties, appreciating teachers, and the list can keep going.   Add in mother's day and memorial day and the calendar is getting a bit heavy. 

Our May always includes our middle man's birthday, but also this year we added fundraising/getting ready for a mission tripto Romania, the wedding of my youngest brother in law (Zach's youngest brother) who is the 6th and final sibling to get married, as well as our moving to a new home and all the preparations that come with it.  There's LOTS of preparations.  In fact our May this year has been so insanely busy that I can barely remember what we've done because as one thing goes zooming past another is not just quickly approaching but has already parked up front.

There has been so much to do that I think I could stay awake 24 hours straight without sitting down for weeks on end and not make a dent.  But in this short season,  PLEASE Lord let it be a short season,  God has given me the wonderful gift of being able to just let things go. 

I have been known to be a person who attempts to do "all the things" but as more and more piles upon my plate, my heart grows more and more content with the fact that not only can I not do it all, but I'm not supposed to be able to.  This is not so much a new lesson,  but a new area of life the lesson is seeping into which is just another thing to be thankful for. 

God and his gracious self has taken one sinful part of my heart, the sin of self righteousness made known to me over a year and a half ago, and has slowly shown me not just how it had overtaken so many facets of life but how in each facet He radically changes it to a complete trust and reliance on Him.  Our spiritual lives affect every part of us, and I am thankful to welcome Him in all of me,  especially in the places I would never remember on my own!

I have succumbed to tears many times this past month but honestly and so thankfully, not in the way I once would have.   My tears have, so far, come from immense and overwhelmingly feelings of thankfulness.  Thankfulness for the steps along our path of moving onward to what God has in our future while enjoying and noticing the wonderful things of the present.   It's not all May flowers and birds singing,  there are plenty of storms and rocky paths, more so it seems but there is an ever faithful God planning the way and an ever present Spirit bringing joy and peace.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

field day


Field Day is pretty much the best day of the year and my boys had been anxiously awaiting it.  Connor was super pumped to finally be participating instead of watching and Micah was ready to compete.

During Field Day there are three different sections.  They are field games, play time with inflatables and other things, and gym games.  Three grades have field day at a time and they alternate between the three stations.  The morning worked well because each of the boys were in the play area while another was doing the games.  During the afternoon Micah was doing the field games while Connor was doing the gym and and I ran back and forth to watch each of them.

In each station they have a few all class games and then the rest are individual or small teams.  Micah did the 100 yard relay, free throw contest, jump rope contest and cup stacking.  Connor did the 100 yard relay, hula hoop contest and cup stacking.  It was a long, hot day but it was oh so fun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

fernbank field trip

Micah has been waiting ALL year to have a field trip.  Second grade is a different world from Kindergarten and First because in both of those grades he had multiple field trips.  This year they only had one but it was a great one!  

I got to go with him to Fernbank Museum of Natural History last week and we had such a fun time.  It's been on our to do list for years but just never made the time to go.  We were only able to stay for a few hours but cant wait to take the rest of the boys for an all day adventure.  Our favorite was the sensory room where you could try a lot of different visual and audio tests and illusions.  

As always, I loved watching Micah with his friends.  This is the third year of elementary school and he has a couple friends that are the same since Kindergarten and others that he has grown closer to this year and it's so fun to see them all grow up. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

sunday song

Mothering is a beautiful and wonderful gift, but it is also one of the most difficult things I will ever do.  I have been entrusted with the lives of three precious boys and I pray one more somebody in the future will need to be a part of our lives as well.  As frustrated as I can get some days, I am always just as thankful that I get to be the one to be here for them.  

I Get to Be the One
JJ Heller

Well hello.
Little Baby.
Your eyes have never seen the sun
You should know
Little baby
That i am the lucky one

I get to be the one to hold your hand
I get to be the one.
Through birthdays and broken bones
Ill be there to watch you grow
I get to be the one.

Don't feel alone now.
Little baby.
Do you hear me singing you a song
I can't wait to show you
Little baby
How to crawl
How to walk 
How to run

I get to be the one to hold your hand
I get to be the one.
Through birthdays and broken bones
Ill be there to watch you grow
I get to be the one.

How does someone so small 
Hold my heart so tightly
I don't even know you
I love you completely 

I get to be the one to hold your hand
I get to be the one.
Through birthdays and broken bones
Ill be there to watch you grow
I get to be the one.

I get to be the one to hold your hand
I get to be the one.
Through birthdays and broken bones
Ill be there to watch you grow
I get to be the one.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

two wheels

This boy learned how to ride his two wheeler in about 5 seconds.  One second Zach is holding on the next he was doing loops around the cul de sac all on his own.  I sat on the curb videoing him with my phone and had tears running down my cheeks.  I was so proud of him!!  My favorite thing was his shy yet confident grin when he braked and set his foot on the ground.  Ugh I love this fella!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

sunday song

This song never fails to bring tears to my eyes...

I once was lost in darkest night 
Yet thought I knew the way 
The sin that promised joy and life 
Had led me to the grave 

I had no hope that You would own 
A rebel to Your will 
And if You had not loved me first 
I would refuse You still

But as I ran my hell-bound race 
Indifferent to the cost 
You looked upon my helpless state 
And led me to the cross 

And I beheld God’s love displayed 
You suffered in my place 
You bore the wrath reserved for me 
Now all I know is grace 

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ 
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life 

Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone 
And live so all might see 
The strength to follow Your commands 
Could never come from me 

O Father, use my ransomed life 
In any way You choose 
And let my song forever be 
My only boast is You 

Music and words by Jordan Kauflin 
© 2008 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)