Monday, July 28, 2014

grass is greener

We, with Zach doing the majority, spent 5 hours this weekend tilling, raking and laying two pallets of sod, 200 square feet of mulch and 10 bales of pinestraw in our rental backyard.  

We've already spent a larger amount of time enjoying it.

Worth every ounce of energy!

Grass is amazing!

Friday, July 25, 2014

six flags

Six Flags Baby!!

Zach took the day off on Monday so that we could take Micah and Connor to Six Flags for the first time.  Micah earned a free ticket from a reading program at school.  Leslie had told us that Mondays were a slow day there and she was so right.  It was awesome!  Even though we didn't ride any of the big ones the most we waited in line was 15 minutes.  Zach walked straight on the Scream Machine because there was no line at all and if we had ridden the big coasters I doubt it would have been much different.

We started small in the Bugs Bunny World to build Connor's confidence.  They had a fun time on the little stuff and then LOVED Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blast coaster.  We rode it twice in a row before moving on to the Mine Train which Micah loved and Connor was not a huge fan of.

We went to a bunch of other kid friendly stuff and then watched Zach ride the Scream Machine.  After that we were all standing in a circle trying to decide what to do next when some varmint bug stung Connor out of no where.  UGH!  We soothed that by riding Splash Water Falls which he had been begging to do since we saw it.  

After a quick picnic lunch in the car we went bag in for the Log ride which we rode once together and then let Micah and Connor ride by themselves while Zach and I rode together.  I was half freaking out the whole time picturing one of them standing up and falling over the edge which obviously didn't happen.  

Next was the worst thing ever, Thunder River.  I am not a fan ever since we rode it as a family when I was little and I saw my brother get stuck under the water fall and get soaked.  But, my babies wanted to ride it so I did and guess who got stuck under the fall this time.  ME!  Zach laughed hysterically and I trudged around the rest of the afternoon, which thankfully was not long, wringing out my shirt and with a semi grossed out look on my face.  

We ended the day back at Bugs Bunny World to re ride all of those things including the kiddie coaster which was a unanimous favorite.

Such a fun day!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

logi's first game

We love the Braves and we love when we get a chance to drive in for a game.  It's even better when we get free tickets from friends.  It's the best when those tickets are for fantastic seats and include food money!!

We had planned to just take Micah and Connor because a friend had given us four free tickets.  However, our awesome baby sitter was busy and most of our friends were either out of town or back at work so we were having trouble finding somewhere for the Logi bear to go.  After some discussion the decision was made to just step out in faith and bring him with for his first game. 

 Turned out not terrible :)

We watched batting practice, did the pitching game, ate ballfield food, cheered, did the chop, ran the top level base and crashed as soon as we got home.

The highlight for the boys was Freddie's 3 run homer that landed two rows in front of us.  Unfortunately I had taken Logan to the bathroom and missed it but I'm glad Zach, Micah and Connor got such a cool Braves game experience!