Sunday, July 20, 2014


Following is a somewhat (hopefully) thoughtful rambling on Psalms.

A couple of years ago I read through the book of Psalms.  I read from beginning to end, without reading any other books in between.  I was not a fan.  I'm aware that saying that can and probably does bring up judgements or questions in your mind but it's the truth.  In fact I was such a non fan that I told Zach that I would never read Psalms from beginning to end with nothing else in between again.

Psalms is full of two powerful things.  One is words and the other is emotion.

 Now obviously it's full of words, I mean it's the bible.  But it's not just words that tell a story or tell history.  There are an overflow of words that use lots of description and repetition and comparisons and metaphors and all the things English teachers love that make your brain work in overdrive but are good for exercising that important muscle we like to forget about.

The other is that dang emotion.  When beginning Psalms those few years ago I was expecting an overflow of sweet words and encouragements.  There were so many I had read before at different times that were like little warm fuzzies for the day.   You know that shot of  prideful "happy" you'd get from that ten second shot of feel good "rejoicing" plus the accomplishment of reading your bible off the to do list.  I had not been prepared for the deep despair and frustration that would leap off the page again and again.  I vividly remember thinking why the heck David couldn't just get it together.  Seriously didn't you just complain about that two chapters ago!?  (Enter the rearing of the ugly self righteousness head I've been talking about lately)

Fast forward to now, after a few years of maturity and a little more wisdom, as I re read them (still not start to finish with nothing else in between) I have a good sense of why it wasn't my favorite on that first go around. 

Bottom line:  I just didn't get it.  I couldn't get it.  I was not able yet to get it.

Most often, unless you have felt complete desperation in your own life, you will not be able to understand it in someone else's.  Until you have had to cry out again and again because you don't understand, you won't be able to see how much other's get stuck as well.  Until you realize how much you struggle with your own lack of ability, you won't understand why other's can't get it together.  And until you live in the darkest places, you won't be able to appreciate the light that surrounds it all.

Though I am beginning to understand so much better now, Thank God, I still don't get all these things, but I'm ok with that because I know that the more I learn the more I will understand how much more I need to learn and thus will be able to continue to grow the sweetest relationship that will ever be in my life.

Apparently I'm going to also continue to get that opportunity through my fabulous church this next year because starting in August our pastor's theme for the next year will be focusing a lot on the Psalms and building a New Song in our hearts.

Even if you don't, I saw the humor in it when Dave told me about this new theme and it made me smirk and give a little "Of course it is" to my Heavenly Father.

Psalm 145
Shane and Shane

Great is the Lord, so worthy of praise
great is the Lord

one generation will
commend Your kingdom
to one another
they will speak of You
and i will meditate
on Your wonder
and they, they will speak
of Your glorious splendor
of Your majesty
everyday i'll praise thee
forever and ever

everyday i will praise
for You open Your hand
and satisfy desires of all things
my God the King

the Lord is gracious
and slow to anger
He is rich in love
He is good to all

all who call on Him
in truth He is near to
and He hears their cry
and saves them


  1. Love this! I've never read Psalms from start to finish with nothing in between, but now I kinda want to. Very thoughtful post! :-)

  2. Looking forward to a new song. I love appreciating the light around us with you :)


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