Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Zach surprised me the other night with a new header for my blog.  The one that was previously there featured a three year old Micah, a one year old Connor and the knowledge that a third child might come one day.  

I LOVE the new header!  It incorporates pictures Zach took in the backyard when boys (him included) were being extremely crazy and fun.  When I look at the pictures I see their natural smiles and happiness shining through.  I will always love taking family pictures because I feel it is an absolutely essential part of saving your story as a family to have pictures to look back on and see how you've grown and what you looked like and how you change.  However, many times the behind the scenes of a family photo shoot do not contain the perfect smiles you see in the picture.  That's an important lesson for us all to remember when looking at anything, so remember it ;)

When we were looking at the different fonts for May Days, we found one I really liked but the space between the words looked too big.  We tried smooshing the words together just to see and I thought it looked perfect.  After a second we also saw the humor in the new word we had created and it's place in our lives as well, Mayday!


  1.                                      a distress signal using the word “Mayday”

Life with my boys, like all mom's lives with their children,
 can be a beautiful mix of peace and chaos often with no warning of when one will meld into the other and then back again.  

There are most definitely those days where you feel the need to call out in distress due to exhaustion, whininess, disobedience, disasterous messes, and countless other things that pop up when you're parenting.  So glad I have some great people who are there to answer my Maydays!

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