Thursday, July 17, 2014

full disclosure

Eluding back to the whole pictures aren't always a true representation of reality, here's the whole truth of last Monday.  I told Zach it reminded me of the "he loves me, he loves me not" thing girls do with flower petals.  It was very much a good moment, bad moment all day long.

B- Micah and Connor were in a super bickering mood that morning.  As soon as they both woke up everything one of them said the other one immediately disagreed with it.

G- By the time we got to the blackberry patch in McDonough all was peaceful and they did a great job picking and were super quick.

B-  Logan and I were picking a full bucket while M and C were picking half buckets to combine together.  Logan stood in Connor's bucket and smashed half the blackberries which I "hid" in the bushes and then had to re pick.

G-  We checked out in great moods and walked to our car excited about our yummy crop.

B- When we got to the car I realized my keys weren't in my bag.  Logan and I spent ten minutes combing the ground between the rows and found them in the middle of the grass.

G- We walked around and saw the goats and chickens and even got to pet a baby goat after he escaped from his pen.  Then we ate some DELICIOUS homemade strawberry ice cream.

B- Despite the immense activities of the morning, Logan did not fall asleep during rest time which is never a good thing.

G-  The boys did a great job all afternoon playing albeit insanely loud while I washed, dried, bagged, and froze blackberries and made blackberry cobbler for a party.

B-  While doing a great job playing they made a huge mess in the playroom and rode their scooters around the living/playroom/kitchen loop which resulted in getting hurt several times and put in timeout on the couch several times for trying to run each other over.

G- This G could stand for good for them or guilty for me as they watched a lot of TV and played a lot of phone and computer games while I took a shower and got ready.

B-  I had a mean mommy moment as I lost my cool after yet again hearing whining immediately after telling the boys to turn off whatever technological thing they were doing because it was time to get ready to go even after numerous "you only have so and so minutes left" warnings to keep that from happening.

G-  We left on time with all of our items to head to a friend's house for a little reunion of the fabulous girls I taught with back in the day.

B-  We got to the house and no one was home.  After checking my calendar which said the party was today I checked the facebook message and realized the party was in fact the next Monday.  This resulted in complete meltdowns by all three children because they wanted to see their friends, go to the party, play in the yard, and whatever else they could think to melt about.  I'd like to add that the house was in McDonough the same place as the blackberry patch so we had now driven four times when you count there and back to the same place which is 20 minutes from our house.

I also should add that even though they were plenty of wonderful things about our day this last part sent me into a 30+ minute funky mood in which I just got irritated with myself and assumed I was a failure because everything didn't work out perfectly which then forced me to process yet again my sins of self righteousness in the way of having to always do the right thing or get everything done the right way.

G-  Stopped the meltdowns by promising them publix fried chicken, a swim in our little pool and popsicles.

B-  In the check out aisle I got behind a woman who had, NO exaggeration, an inch thick stack of coupons she was using.

G- After trying to switch to the express check out an awesome guy who was also behind the coupon lady had found a quicker line, called to me from 20 feet away and let me get in front of him.  I wanted to hug him so much.

The rest of the evening was pretty good.  We ate our thrown together meal, watched the boys swim outside, ate our popsicles, gave baths and had a quiet house by 9 which is later than usual but not too uncommon in the summer months.

To quote one of my favorite children books of all time, "some days are like that, even in Australia!"

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