Friday, May 30, 2014

playing hooky at the aquarium

Last Friday Micah played hooky and we headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  Micah had been twice but didn't remember either visit and Connor and Logan had never gone.  Zach had purchased an awesome deal on Groupon so we had been waiting for a good time to use it.  Friday the week before school got out seemed like a pretty good time to go.

It probably goes without saying that the boys loved it.  What's not to like about huge fish tanks full of cool fish.  I loved watching the fish but I loved watching the boys more.  Their eyes were full of wonder and their mouths would just hang open as they took it all in.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

pre k graduation

I've said it before that putting 5 year olds in a cap and gown is a little over the top but I'm fairly confident they continue doing it because they just want to force every mama's heart to drop and all of us to simultaneously cry, smile and say look at my baby.

Connor's pre k graduation was a fun time.  They sang some songs, showed us a slide show of the year and then had our babies process out looking way too big in their little graduation get ups.  Connor was so excited to finally be able to call himself a kindergartner!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

sunday song


Trent Monk
He is waiting with arms opened up
For all who hunger and thirst for more of His peace, truth, and love
Hearts afire, we gather in His name
The strong and the weak and all who seek, let us find our song today

Hey, hey people rise, lift one voice
Sing, sing, sing it loud, a joyful noise
That our God is alive and here to revive
And mend every wounded soul
Hey, hey people rise, rise and sing

Every sin upon Him was laid
But death could not win He stood up again
And He rolled the stone away
Now all sons and daughters can rest in their souls and be free
So let's go high and low and let our voices grow
Until all have heard and seen


Bridge: (X3)
We sing hallelujah all as one
As we lift our voice
Praises to the Holy One
We make a joyful noise

'Cause our God is alive and here to revive
And mend every wounded soul
So hey, hey people rise, rise and sing

Saturday, May 17, 2014

pre k awards day

On Connor's birthday they had Pre K awards day.  I'm still not sure why because they were the most random awards ever but I got to hear him sing some of his favorite songs from school and look at his cute face so I guess there was a win in there.  He's seriously cute!