Friday, May 2, 2014

days at the park

One Monday we had no baseball games and beautiful weather.  Those two have not happened simultaneously recently so we wanted to celebrate it!

We spent a fun afternoon at Academy Springs Park in Covington.  It was here where I noticed a very frequent boy movement that I have named "The Squat and Stare" You will see quite a few pictures of it in this post and if you have boys you will start recognizing it I'm sure.  Outside if you watch your boy play (it might happen with girls too but I obviously have no proof of that) you will see him stop and just stare at something on the ground, in the water, under a rock, etc.  It's quite cute and somewhat peaceful since at that moment you have a mom break of running and worrying that someone is going to fall off of something.

After the park I took them to Scoops as a surprise.  There's never a bad time for ice cream!

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