Monday, May 12, 2014

connor turns 5

And another 5 year old milestone has been reached.  Our Connorconnor turned 5 last Thursday.  I tried to convince him not to.  I even told him the birthday police had called to say that if he turned 5 they were going to put him in jail.  He didn't buy it.

He woke up to a balloon 5 on the door which made him give us that big ol' smile we love.  He also loved it a couple days later when I let him take them all down and pop them!  He asked for toaster strudels and sausage for his birthday breakfast and chowed down immediately.

His birthday was a pretty busy day.  He had his awards day at pre k that morning which made me cry because he was so happy and smiley and did a great job singing all his songs.  Then after helping me decorate his cake and rest time we went to get Micah, came home to open presents and have cake and then got rest for his baseball game.  Just fyi if a five year old boy has a baseball game on his actual birthday it equals the best thing ever.  Bonus if their awesome coaches give them the game ball on the same day!

We ended the day with birthday dinner at rice and soup a.k.a Tokyo.  There was a set of grandparents with their granddaughter at the table next to us and they gave Connor a 5 dollar bill as they left.  So sweet!

Connor Thomas May is a joy to have.  He is a ball of emotion that feels very deeply in every scenario whether it's joy or sorrow, frustration or excitement.  He loves baseball, has a great imagination, loves music and everything involved in it, and is so tender hearted to younger children.  He is my cuddler and quality time is his love language.  God is going to use his heart is such amazing ways!  

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