Friday, May 16, 2014

first grade field trip

I got to go on a fieldtrip with my oldest baby last week to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Apart from getting missing my turn, going back the wrong way and getting frustrated with my husband who was patiently trying to tell me which way to go next (I HATE driving in Atlanta), it was a FABULOUS day.  

I wasn't sure what Micah would think but he loved the whole place and has already decided that we HAVE to bring Connor and Logan back.  Even after walking around with his buddies, checking him out from the bus and walking around some more, we could have walked around for a few more hours but it was Friday and this mama didn't want to get stuck in traffic alone so we'll just have to go back again soon!

The absolutely best part was being able to give Micah my undivided attention.  That happens almost never and I loved every second of it!

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