Tuesday, October 25, 2016

poppy's in a play!

Zach's dad got a leading role in War of the World's for their community theater.  The play was adapted from Orson Welles' original radio broadcast in 1939.  We were able to travel to Lafayette for the weekend to visit with family and see his performance.  The weekend was fun and full of play, both on the stage and in the yard!

The kid's had a fantastic time playing together, the adults had a fantastic time visiting together and the parents of all the kids, in other words three of Zach's siblings and their spouses, loved our quadruple date night to the theater.  The show was really good albeit somewhat scary, at least for me!  My father in law was excellent.  I've always been more of a musical lover myself so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have attended had I not had this reason, but it was a cool experience.  One that we will be repeating during the next performance and possibly around our own area as well.

Friday, October 21, 2016

poster recital

Micah has been taking piano lessons since second grade, and now that Connor is s second grader has started piano as well.

While Micah takes a little nudge to practice, he's growing into a wonderful musicians and has an ear for just hearing notes line Zach does.

Connor loves practicing, loves flying as quickly as he can through his beginner book, loves rewriting said pieces when he's done and had started working on his own songs.  Granted they are not written on a staff but he knows what the notes are so I'm not going to nit pick!

They recently had their first recital of the year.  It was a poster recital, meaning they had to create a poster to go along with their song.

Micah's song was called Spirit of the West so his masterpiece included buttes, a desert landscape, and a cattle ranch.

Connor's song was called Merrily We Roll Along and his masterpiece featured a boat on the waves at sunset.

The recital was short and sweet and they both did a fantastic job and played their pieces from memory. 

Well done fellas!

picking pumpkins

Pumpkin picking time!  

We made our way over to Covington First Methodist after the piano recital for our annual choosing of the pumpkins.  This was the first year in awhile that Zach was around to go with us so he actually got to pick out his own daddy pumpkin this year instead of the boys doing it for him.  They've already asked at least fifty times since then when we are going to carve them, but I still have at least another week of them sitting cutely by the front door until we hack them all up!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

fall festival 2016

Fun times at the annual NCTS Fall Festival!

It was roasting hot and definitely felt more like a summer event than a fall one, but we had a great time trying out all the games on the field and checking out the raffle baskets.  We even won one.  That's four years in a row!!  This year it was a camping basket full of supplies that will be very beneficial for our first family camping trip this coming weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

september s.o.m

Connor received the Student of the Month award for his class for the month of September.  

On his certificate his teacher said...

Connor is a superior second grader!  He loves to learn! Connor always sets high goals for himself that he works diligently and consistently to achieve.  He is also a great helper and friend to all his classmates.  I feel lucky to be Connor's teacher and am proud of his attitude and accomplishments so far in 2nd grade!  He helps make my job rewarding and fun!

Mrs. Bruns

Congratulations ConnorConnor!  I could agree with her more!

Monday, October 17, 2016

goodbye turner field

I've always been a baseball girl, I love watching other sports as well, but the one that holds the number one spot will forever be baseball.  There are so many memories in my past from watching the Braves at Turner Field and win or lose it's always a fun, relaxing, All American kind of adventure.  

The Braves are building a different stadium which is unfortunately going to take us more than twice the amount of time to get to.  In rush hour traffic we're talking a four times longer trip.  Bummer!  It's safe to say we will not be making as many games anymore.

A couple weeks ago we watched our last game at Turner Field and it was one of the best.   We got there EARLY, before the gates opened early, and headed straight to the outfield to watch batting practice once we were in.  An hour and a half later we left those seats with three boys holding three batting practice balls.  Logan's came from a fellow fan who showed kindness after a little boy jumped in front of us to snag the one the braves player threw to Logan.  Micah's came straight from a Tigers player and Connor's came the same way as Micah became his biggest advertiser of wanting a ball.  Those three major league balls have places of honor on little boy bookshelves now.

Because it was the last weekend of baseball at The Ted all the activities were free.  Each of my men took on the pitching challenge and threw as hard as they could for the speed gun.  

7 innings in our upper deck seats eating hot dogs, nachos and cotton candy was plenty for the kids, so we headed around the stadium to run the base until the game was over.  I have pictures of Micah's first time running that little base in the upper deck, I can not believe how much time has passed since then!

Friday night is for Fireworks at the Braves Stadium and they went out with a bang (pun intended) with the best and biggest fireworks show ever.  It was fantastic!! Logan told me over and over that he wasn't covering his ears and wasn't I so proud of him.  I sure was buddy!

Bye Turner Field and GO Braves!