Friday, October 21, 2016

poster recital

Micah has been taking piano lessons since second grade, and now that Connor is s second grader has started piano as well.

While Micah takes a little nudge to practice, he's growing into a wonderful musicians and has an ear for just hearing notes line Zach does.

Connor loves practicing, loves flying as quickly as he can through his beginner book, loves rewriting said pieces when he's done and had started working on his own songs.  Granted they are not written on a staff but he knows what the notes are so I'm not going to nit pick!

They recently had their first recital of the year.  It was a poster recital, meaning they had to create a poster to go along with their song.

Micah's song was called Spirit of the West so his masterpiece included buttes, a desert landscape, and a cattle ranch.

Connor's song was called Merrily We Roll Along and his masterpiece featured a boat on the waves at sunset.

The recital was short and sweet and they both did a fantastic job and played their pieces from memory. 

Well done fellas!

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