Saturday, May 28, 2016

last day of school

We made it to the end of school!  Tuesday was Micah and Connor's last days of 3rd grade and 1st grade.  Of course they were only there for a couple hours because Micah had his in class awards day at 9:30 in the morning so I grabbed them both then and we started our summer early.

Micah won the award for top boy in Math and Social Studies for his class, earned a certificate for meeting his AR goal each nine weeks, got the black belt for music for passing all of the songs on his recorder, and was voted Super Hero of his class by his classmates for his eagerness to help others.  

They each had wonderful teachers this year who loved them.  Aside from learning everything they need to learn, having a teacher who loves them for them is always my prayer.  Thank you to Ms. Corbett, Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Cooper and Ms. Delamar for a wonderful year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

fun in the sun

End of school parties are a lot more epic than when I was in school, even when I was teaching.  Connor's end of year "Fun in the Sun" day had two inflatables, hula hoops, soccer, football, and a concession stand.  I helped control the chaos on the double slide inflatable and watched my boy run around with his friends.  There was definitely lots of fun going on in the sun.

Connor came into first grade with one great buddy and left with quite a few more.  He met two boys Jake and Zach, in addition to our Kaden, that I would love to see him stay close to as I love their parents, their values, and their smiley sons.

See ya first grade, you've been a blast!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

goodbye 3rd grade

Micah is done with 3rd grade.  How is it even possible!?  Next year he'll turn double digits, be in 4th grade, and will more than likely start catching me on height before long.  Sigh...

His third grade end of the year party was in conjunction with their Charlotte's Web unit so it was a farm hoedown theme.  The plan was to have a cookout and play outside but it was rainy all day so the fun moved indoors.  After a seriously intense game of musical chairs, we chowed down on grilled up goodness and then the parents watched and laugh as they had a pig slop competititon.  AKA eating chocolate pudding with their hands behind their backs.  

His teachers and classmates love him and I think he is quite possibly the best almost 4th grader in the world.  Love my Micah May!


Monday, May 23, 2016

night at the fair

Zach surprised the boys with a night out at the fair.  They had never been to one and I hadn't gone since high school.  With some friends along as well we bought tickets and let each of them pick a couple rides before heading home.  

Logan rode his first "roller coaster" with me and thought it was awesome, spent an insane amount of time bouncing with Ella in an inflatable obstacle course, and rode around on an animal spinning ride!  Zach rode on the ferris wheel with Micah and Connor, then they rode the Starship with our friend Lisa and loved it even if they did come out walking a little crooked.  They also rode the giant slide and then lucked out and were given a few extra tickets by some people leaving so Connor rode the animal spinning ride with Logan and Micah rode on the swings.

We got home super late but it was so worth it.  Such a fun night of memory making with the boys!  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

field day 2016

May means the end of school is near and the end of school brings lots of fun activities.  Last week both Micah and Connor had field day.  I was so excited that this year they were going to have them on different days so that I could see them both and not have to run back and forth between places.  However third grade scheduled a field trip the day of the first grade field day.  UGH!  Thankfully Zach went and took plenty of pictures.

In addition to the whole class events Micah was in the 4x100 relay, over/under, bouncy ball race, and the jump rope competition.  He won a 3rd place ribbon for jump roping.  He said he could have gone longer but he was tired!

Connor did the 4x100 relay, the free throw competition, and the hula hoop competition.  He won 1st in free throws!!  He got 4th in the hula hoop, but no ribbon for that one.  He hula hooped until they got to the part where they make them start doing tricks and then dropped it which means he lasted about five minutes longer than I would have!

I was so impressed with both of them and had so much fun watching them and seeing their pictures.  Connor's running face might be the best thing ever!  He is one determined boy!