Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BMX birthday

Last Friday I threw what is without a doubt one of the most fun and easiest parties I will ever throw.  Ever since visiting the BMX track last fall with our friends Connor declared that that is where he would have his birthday party.  Every month or so he would remind me/inform me that that was still the plan.  

Finally his birthday was coming and we could actually have the anticipated event.  We invited four of his friends and one of Micah's along with two brothers of invitees for a grand total of 10 boys with infinite energy. I provided the food and drinks and the Sandy Ridge BMX track provided all the entertainment. For two straight hours with only brief stops for a hot dog dinner and cake and ice cream, these boys rode around and around and around. There were a couple of minor spills but overall there was sheer joy, determined faces, and sweaty heads!

Such a FUN night!

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