Thursday, February 28, 2013

Isaiah 26:3

**this is pretty long...just warning ya ;)

Preconceived notions, assumptions, judgments etc can get you in trouble.  In elementary school they called it judging a book by its cover.  Looking on the outside to form your opinions instead of getting to knowing a person, stepping into their life and out of your comfort zone to see and understand who they are can hurt others and yourself.  

As a Christian, rejecting someone with a rough exterior or a past that you think is too 'unforgivable', letting stereotypes or even racial, cultural and socioeconomic differences not only keeps you from being a light of Christ to that person, but it can also keep them from being a light of Christ to you.  In the same way, holding up someone who appears to have it all together can hurt as well if they mess up and you just don't understand how someone like that could do something like that.  Or you don't understand how someone like you could do something like that.  Then you don't understand that none of us are truly good and it's only the gospel that allows us to be in good standing with God and the Holy Spirit in our lives that will direct our steps.  

I say all this to say that on Saturday night I fulfilled a 16 year long dream and got a tattoo!  I know there are some people out there who will automatically think WHAT I never would have guessed she'd do that!  I know there are people out there who will automatically jump to certain conclusions when they see a person with one, two, three, MANY tattoos covering their body.  The same way some people look at a single mom, or a person of a another race or a democrat even and jump to conclusions.  I'm not saying any of you reading this are those people but it's still something to think and pray about to see others with the Love of Christ.  

So here's my tattoo story (or tat or ink or whatever the cool people call it.)

For a really really long time I've wanted one, but never knew what I would want to get, so I just tucked it into the back of my head.  I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a bible verse or something but wasn't sure which one.  

Fast forward to two years ago and I was reading somewhere (it couldn't have been in my bible because it was NKJV and I don't own that) and came across Isaiah 26:3

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

And I knew that was the one.  It was encouraging to me and it would be encouraging to anyone who saw it permanently fixed on me and asked what it said.  I tend to stress...a lot.  and worry...a lot.  and let things overwhelm me...a lot.  But when my mind is truly stayed on my Savior and my God I am at peace because I am totally relying on Him and not myself.  

So once I picked a verse and once I drew out my idea of  how I wanted it to look, I decided that the tattoo would be my 30th birthday to myself.  Except, that on my 30th birthday I gave myself Logan instead and you can't get a tattoo while you're pregnant or nursing so there you go.  

About a month or so ago Steph looked at me and said ok here's what I think.  We need to get babysitters and go get this thing done soon.  So we had it all planned.  She drew up this adorable design, we made plans to shop in the afternoon and get babysitters so the boys to join us at night.  Leslie was already going to be downtown at a class so she could come too.  It was all ready to go until Evie girl got sick and we had to cancel the shopping.  I was ready, prepared and then all of a sudden the plans changed and my mind started to freak.  Was this a sign?  

After crying to my husband and letting him know my thoughts and almost calling to cancel my appointment, he in his most adorably comforting way smiled and said "I think you need to do it."  So we picked up Steph and Leslie and headed out to Thirteen Roses which was recommended to us by some friends.  

Sitting in the waiting room was crazy fun.  There were photos and drawings all over the walls, books and books of huge intricate tattoos on all different parts of people.  I mean all I wanted was a little thing on my foot and I had to keep pushing out the thought that I was positive that the artists there were mocking my blonde goody goody looking self behind closed doors.  Much like ladies at nail salons.  

Unfortunately the design Steph had worked up wasn't very tattooable so she and the tattooer artist guy drew up some mock ups.  After rejecting a very west coast chopper version, they both ended up coming up with very similar designs that was going to be the size I wanted (read NOT HUGE!) and feminine.  I ended up going with his because they were almost identical and his was ready to go and I was getting a bit jittery and wanted to get on with it!

He made a special copy that could be transferred to my foot as a guide and we got to it.  Thankfully they weren't busy and Zach, Leslie and Steph were able to come in with me. It took about 10 minutes and done.


Here are some things I learned from my experience...

*When your oldest two children ask you why you're leaving and where you're going and you tell them the truth and then ask them what they think, your oldest will say it's weird and your middle will ask if he can get one too.

*If you have children and you want your husband to come with you then you'll have to get a babysitter.  This might be the oddest thing you get a babysitter for but nonetheless it'll have to happen.  Furthermore, telling your babysitter you're going to get a tattoo when she asks where you're going definitely wins you cool points.

*If you have ever birthed a child (with or without an epidural) and felt at least one MAJOR contraction then you're good.  A tattoo is no match for hours of labor or even postpartum recovery for that matter.

*The noise is the worst part.  Seriously the worst!  However, if you plug your ears with your fingers and hum RUF songs to yourself then there's no worries.  This also works if you hate scary movies but are forced to watch one due to peer pressure.  Believe me I know!

*If you bring two of your best friends with you it automatically becomes a fun girl night and you will know they love you enough to hang out in a tattoo parlor.

*If you get a tattoo your husband will think you're awesome and will start wanting one himself so that his wife is not cooler and more awesome than he is.

*We all have something that clouds are view of God.  That gets in our way of seeing Him in our lives.  That makes our minds shift elsewhere instead of being focused on Him at every moment of every day.  It can be physical things in others, the exterior, or it can be interior things in ourselves like doubt, unbelief, and fear.  Hopefully a little ink on a person's body will no longer be one of those ;)

(credits...the thoughts were inspired by Zach's YoungLife talk Monday night and by the seminar we recently attended focusing on understanding our worldview)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

like riding a bike

My son can ride a two wheel bicycle.  Before last Thursday he had practiced once or twice on his old bike but it was too hard keeping the training wheels off all the time because he could only practice when both of us were home but when it was just me he didn't have a bike to ride with them off.  

For his birthday we got him a two wheeler that was a little bigger and after just a few tries he was off.  We have an awesome video Zach took while he was running along side him but Zach's not here to show me how to load it so I'll do it in a separate post ;)  Micah still needs some work on turning by himself and he hasn't gone down any hills but he is pretty proud of himself and we are too!

Monday, February 25, 2013

he's 6

My baby is 6.  Wow!  I gotta say though this was the first year in a while that I didn't end up blubbering because he was older.  That is a MAJOR accomplishment for me.  I'm not going to lie I constantly tell him he can't grow up or he can't get bigger which always makes him giggle but seriously looking back at everything he has learned and accomplished this past year is just really cool to see. 

 I could rack my brain for hours and not remember half of the new things in his repertoire now.  It's just cool to see how much starting school has expanded him.  The ability to read is an amazing thing.  It has opened up  his world and interests and has been fun for us to listen to.  But I think my favorite thing is that he is noticing the world around him so much more and that has brought about real conversations.  We're not solving world problems or anything but its great to have your kids ask and respond to questions with their own thoughts and opinions.  Honestly he's just a pretty cool kid and I love love love love love being his mama!

I did my traditional birthday interview the other day and here are his responses...

Micah's favorites
food- tacos, spaghetti, pizza and Tokyo
snack- oreos
color- golden (like treasure)
games- MarioKart, Angry Birds, Hide and Seek
things to do- play wii, practice baseball and ride his bike
favorite friends- Kaiden, Charlie, Griffin, Sawyer, Ayden and Bella (funny story...when I asked Micah about his favorite friend he said do I have to pick one because I don't want anyone else to feel sad to which Zach responded with he's a boy after my own heart)
movie- Star Wars
show-Curious George
sport- baseball
book- 3D space book, Children's Atlas
song- Another Hallelujah by Lincoln Brewster

When Micah grows up he wants to do what daddy does and play drums on a church stage

Thursday, February 21, 2013

bowling birthday

Yesterday we took Connor, Micah and 5 of Micah's buddies to the bowling alley for his birthday 'party'.  It was so much fun!  6 year old boys are HIGH energy but they all stayed within the area they were supposed to so all was well.  They had a great time and bowled two games with a snack break in between.  It was by far the easiest and cheapest party we've ever had.  We reserved lanes, showed up with cupcakes and waters, and then purchased cheese fries, popcorn and a pitcher of soda from the snack bar and that was that.  Watching your child socialize with their friends is such a fun activity.  You get to see parts of their personality they don't let out to you and get to know them in a whole new way.  Fun fun times indeed!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

a birthday in pictures

Micah woke up to a happy 6th birthday sign

and a doughnut breakfast

I gave him a lunch surprised and gift wrapped all of his lunch

Micah is not a huge cupcake and icing fan so he picked monkey bars for his treat to bring his class

After school he got to open his presents.  Logan was excited to watch.

These two were pretty excited too!

We gave him a new Mario shirt.

Folded inside the Mario shirt was a real wallet.

Inside the wallet was a picture of his new two wheel bike.

and hilarity and excitement ensued!

and continued as he opened the present that Connor picked out from him and Logan.

I love Connor's surprised face even though he knew what it was.

Apparently it was all too much.  **notice Logan theiving the wallet while Micah collapses from excitement.

We spent the afternoon at the airport waiting for our friend Chandler to come home from Afghanistan.
Then Micah and Zach were off to baseball practice.

Apparently for a 6 year old boy having baseball practice on your birthday is AWESOME!

He's playing short stop.  That is AWESOME too just fyi ;)
We had a late birthday dinner because we got home from the airport late and didn't have time to eat before practice.

Thankfully Steph was able to sit at the house while Logi Bear slept so I could make goofy faces with my 6 year old at Tokyo.  Thanks Nehnie!!

Sushi loving boy.

and just because I can :)

We love every single part of you  and are so proud of the boy you are!