Friday, June 26, 2015

fort yargo state park

We spent the day after the wedding with Zach's Mom's family at Fort Yargo State Park.  This side of the family used to get together for Christmas every other year but now that everyone is grown up and married and starting families of their own that's not really a possibility.  The last two summers we have spent a weekend together at Ridgehaven however due to the wedding this summer we had to settle for just a day.  I love that I married into a family where many of the members have become close friends.  It definitely makes for more fun gatherings.

We spent an hour or so at their "beach" but it was crazy crowded so Zach rented a kayak and we went back to our secluded corner.  He and Tony took turns taking the kids on rides.  I got to get away with Zach for about 5 minutes and it was the most peaceful 5 minutes of the entire weekend.  After the day was over we left Micah and Connor with Zach's parents for their annual Nana camp and Zach and I headed home with Logan for a week of painting, packing and preparing for our move.  It was a busy and crazy week!

joel and maddie

Zach and I had the joy to watch and his babiest brother get married labor day weekend.  Joel and Maddie are a fun, energetic, loving, godly young couple and we could not be more excited for the two of them.  God is going to use their love of people and love of life to spread the love they have in Him and from Him.



Micah had his last season of coach pitch this year at a new ballfield and it was a good and eye opening experience.  The level of competition was way higher but He did a great job stepping up his game and played his personal best season yet.  I love watching him grow and learn how to play a game he loves and how to be a team player.  He also met some great new buddies and played with some great old buddies.

Next year he moves up to a new league that is all kid pitch and where they can steal bases so basically like for real legit baseball.  He is off the charts excited and my mama heart is already nervous.  However each year we have been blessed with a great coach, great team and great parent attitudes.  Looking forward to a new year of the same thing.


Connor spent his first year in the 5-6 year old league at a new ball park.  He enjoyed every second of his time on the Mariners starting from the moment he realized that was the same team as Ken Griffey Jr.  He even picked number 24!  

Coach Duane, Micah's coach from the last 3 years, Zach and Coach Brian did a great job managing a team of young, HIGH energy boys.  They didn't have the best record but they had great attitudes, lots of fun and got better each game.  Best of all I saw my baby grow and mature and have fun doing it.