Thursday, June 11, 2015

southern belle strawberries

Connor's last field trip of the year was to Southern Belle Farm.  We have been here countless times as a family to go to the pumpkin patch and pick berries but had never come with school for a fieldtrip.  This was honestly one of the best ones I have ever attended and as a student, a teacher and a mama, I've been on A LOT of them!

Besides the fact that the location is beautiful, it was so well organized,  engaging,  and just fun.   Everyone in charge knew exactly how to talk to kids and keep them straight without making them feel like you were being on to them.   I wanted to take the woman in charge at the bouncy pillow on every vacation I go on as she said "you don't jump on ppl on accident, so don't even try to tell me that!"

On the trip we got to
* listen about and watch a cow get milked
* visit a petting zoo with chickens, baby goats, baby calves, bunnies, donkeys and horses
* listen to a beekeeper, see the inside of a hive, and try honey.
* bounce on a giant pillow
* take a hayride
*pick strawberries

I am really hoping Logan gets to do this one day because I'm going! 

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