Thursday, June 11, 2015

6 and counting

Happy Birthday to our middle man, Connor!  He is a sensitive soul who feels very deeply and wears his emotions on his sleeve, all emotions!  There is never any doubt about how this fella feels about anything.  He will be the first to argue but also the first to love and he gives great hugs!  His interests are very varied, from sports, to drawing, to animals, to pretending.  He loves to pretend he is 38 and a working man, dressing in his "work" clothes whenever he can.  He also has to dress for the event.  Anytime Micah has a baseball game you will find Connor in baseball attire whether its a game day for him or not!  We can become exasperated quite frequently with his independence and need to argue over the smallest detail, but we also know that God uses all of our strengths and weaknesses for His glory and pray that one day God will use this for the Kingdom.  We love you buddy, oh so very much! 

Besides myself, I may have never met a person who gets more excited about their birthday.  This fella is (almost) me to a T.  He asked me over and over and talked through every detail of his day.  Are you going to get me a balloon?  Are you going to put balloons in the shape of a 6?  Am I going to get to pick a special dinner?  Are you going to measure me? and so on and so forth until he was convinced that every traditional birthday detail was indeed going to happen.

He woke up on the morning of his 6th birthday to balloons in the shape of a 6, waffles (per request) and a baseball balloon.  Having a birthday on a school day means you have to get up early, but it also means that you get cupcakes at school and all sorts of special treatment, especially from Connor's teachers because they seriously adore him.

After school he opened his presents.  His list was quite extensive and a bit eccentric!  When it comes to wishing this boy shoots for the moon!  We got him football cards, a raccoon made by my cousin (in law) that he fell in love with at the craft market and a skateboard and all the safety accessories.  I couldn't believe he wanted one but he was adament!  After the present opening he and Zach went outside to practice with his new present and within 10 minutes he was riding down the length of the drive way on his own.  I was equally terrified and impressed!!

Connor had a baseball game the night of his birthday which is pretty much a boy dream come true so we had his birthday dinner of choice, Dairy Queen, and then headed to the ballfield!  It was a full and fun day for my brand new 6 year old!

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