Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yummy toes!

It has been a really great week so far. It started with a great Memorial Day Monday. We went to the Honeycreek pool with Steph and Justin. Micah only lasted there a little over an hour but we were expecting that. Zach, Micah and I played in the pool and we got Micah to "jump" off the side of the pool to Zach. His face was always so adorable when he hit the water. Pure Exhiliration!! Later that afternoon our pastor (Dave), his wife (Magda) and their three awesome kids (Kathryn, Kevin, and Sydney) watched Micah for us while we saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was awesome! I'm all about some Indiana Jones (and writing this has gotten the theme stuck in my head again...oh well) The Crandalls have watched Micah for us a few times and we can't appreciate it enough. We are so incredibly blessed to have such great friends who love Micah as much as us.

Also this week I had Isabella for our last two days together. It definitely requires your brain to work harder keeping up with two but I loved having the opportunity to do it. She and Micah have had such a blast playing together these past few weeks I don't know what he's going to do without her (probably not get into as much mischief without his partner in crime!) As I have said in earlier posts, Isabella has taught him quite a few skills (good and bad) but he did the same for her. In the car a week or so ago while Leslie was driving Micah and I to a doctors appointment (my keys were in Gainesville with my mother in law after she drove my car and I didn't realize it until 15 minutes before we were supposed to be there!) I noticed Isabella putting her toes in her mouth. I asked Leslie why she was eating her toes and Leslie said she had no idea she just started that recently. Light bulb!!! My dear, sweet, weird boy used to do that but I hadn't seen him do it in awhile. Apparently he still was because he had taught Isabella that fine skill!

So anyway back to the point, this was our last week with Isabella so I was trying to get some cute pictures of the two of them together. I don't know if you would call these next pictures cute but it will give you an insight into the goofiness of these two when they get together!

Isabella showing off her toe eating ability

Micah trying to reach his toes but can't because he's standing up and because he's laughing like a loon at her

Sunday, May 25, 2008


No Micah has not started playing basketball! I am referring to an extremely different type of dribbling!

This afternoon Zach and I were in our room and Micah was in our bathroom drinking water from his lion cup. He (Micah) kept giggling every few seconds so Zach and I would just laugh back at him and go about our way. It took us a couple minute to realize why he was giggling. Every time he took a sip of his water he would open his mouth and let the water dribble down his chest and then laugh. What a goober! He did this for about 10 minutes and the great parents we are decided it would be funnier to take pictures and video him then tell him it wasn't a good idea to spit water on himself. Hopefully this was a one time thing and doesn't carry over to every beverage! By the end of this entertaining venture he was SOAKED!! Zach is at this very moment changing his clothes and we are hoping he can keep dry as we are about to go to dinner for Matt's (Isabella's dad) birthday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

night of reflection

I am assuming Wednesdays are becoming my weekly night of reflection. I think more on Wednesdays (about things other than Micah, Zach and what goes along with them) than any other day. This is due to my women's group meetings mainly because people there just make you think. There is some guilt involved in the fact that I should be doing this kind of thinking on a daily basis, but baby steps!

There was a quote in the book we read that was so neat. Dorothy Day said I only love God as much as I love the person I love the least. So true if you stop to think about it. You are stifling your own love of God when you can't love those around you because you don't feel they deserve it (or a million other ways we use to justify our thoughts) Gods love is equal to us all and none of us deserve it! For those of you who know me well you are probably thinking that you know the name that pops into my head when I read this. You are probably right! But thank the Lord I am able to say God loves him so gosh darn it so will I, and in doing so my love for God will shine and He will be glorified!

You know when you read that quote someone IMMEDIATELY popped into your head. Think about that person and I pray you will be able to love them as God loves them so that your love can shine too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Micah Masterpiece

At the end of every month I send out pictures to family and friends on snapfish. We started it when Micah was just a newborn and have continued because we love pictures and since the majority of our family doesn't see Micah regularly it's a great way for them to see how he's grown. My sister in law Beka saw one of these pictures and created something gorgeous from it. She is an extremely gifted artist and would be happy to do something similar for anyone who would like (for a small fee of course!) What made it even better was that it was a complete surprise and it was of one of my favorite pictures we have taken of him recently!



Monday, May 19, 2008

busy weekend

Zach, Micah and I had a busy travel filled weekend. The sad thing is I don't have any pictures from it on my camera so you can't see everything I'm talking about. Get your imaginations ready and maybe you can picture it!

Friday afternoon I headed to Country Fair with a group of girls (and 1 guy). I can't remember the name of the first guy who played (mainly because I had no idea who he was) but Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley were the other performers. The highlight of the evening was catching up with my friends and getting to know new ones. The concert was good for those who really knew the songs, but I have such a small amount of time in my car now that I'm at home the radio and I just aren't close anymore. Plus Zach's influence has definitely changed my music tastes to a more eclectic variety with acoustic and folky christian at the t0p (see Square Peg Alliance) and new country just seems to be low on the totem pole. Also it was FREEZING! We were huddled under blankets, but atleast we got a kick out of watching all the high school and young college girls pretending not to freeze while wearing their almost non-existent clothing (I so don't miss those days!) Oh well like I said I got to catch up with friends and that's the most important part.

Saturday Zach, Micah and I headed to Birmingham, AL to see some college friends and their new adorable little girl. I also went to one of my best friends' law school graduation. Dave and Britney had a baby girl in March named Lillian Love Cowart. She is precious and looks just like her daddy. Zach and Micah spent the whole afternoon/evening there while I was gone so they got to see her a lot more then I did. Zach also got to play Wii for the first time at their house and has been complaining of being sore ever since. It's definitely a fun game and will hopefully be a part of the May household soon! The graduation was interesting. I didn't understand one word (well maybe one) the speaker said because it was full of lawyer speak. Even when I asked April after if she understood she was like honestly no I have no idea why she was talking about that. haha! It was great to see April and celebrate with her because she has seriously worked ridiculously hard these past 3 years.

Sunday we had church in the morning, some quality family time with Zach's family in the afternoon, and a leadership meeting that night. Wow! It's been awhile since we had that much packed into such a small amount of time, but we made it through and are ready for the week ahead!

Friday, May 16, 2008

steer clear

If you are in my house while Isabella and Micah are both here STEER CLEAR of the hallway! It's like the Daytona 500 in there. Their new favorite thing to do is grab the chairs from Micah's kiddie table and push them up and down the hall as fast as their little legs will carry them. Isabella taught him this fun trick, along with many other fun tricks that I'm sure will get talked about in the future. They seriously were doing this for 40 minutes straight! At one point they were going in opposite directions and rammed into each other half way down the hall but neither would move so they just pushed each other backwards and forwards for awhile. It reminded me of Dr. Seuss' South going Zak and North going Zak that my husband Zach always talks about from his childhood. I'm not going to complain though because it's entertaining for them, entertaining for me, and nobody gets hurt (except for Daisy occasionally if she doesn't get out of the way quick enough!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A good mood

I know those of you who read this love me and care about me, but I also know most of you who read this just want to see a new picture of Micah or hear about a cute/crazy thing he did. I don't blame you because he is pretty darn cute, but occasionally you are going to have to read about Zach and I. That's just the deal because I am the one who is typing ;)

You know that great feeling you get on Sundays when you are walking out of church and know that what you heard was meant just for you? (and if you don't, you better listen harder!) I got that feeling yesterday morning when I randomly picked up My Utmost for His Highest and read what I thought was the right days message, but I was a day early. Thank God I was because I read something that has put me in the best mood! I know writing this is just going to invite trying experiences to put it to the test, but I'm ok with that because we all need a good testing every now and then. The main reason I loved this is because I tend to get irritated by things easily and it rarely does me any good. Hopefully I can always keep this in the back of my mind.

The Habit of Enjoying the Disagreeable

We have to express what God's grace has done in us. It is not a question of being saved from hell, but of being saved in order to manifest the life of the Son of God in our mortal flesh, and it is the disagreeable things which make us exhibit whether or not we are manifesting His life. Do i manifest the essential sweetness of the Son of God, or the essential irritation of "myself" apart from Him? The only thing that will enable me to enjoy the disagreeable is the keen enthusiasm of letting the life of the Son of God manifest itself in me. No matter how disagreeable a thing may be, say--"Lord, I am delighted to obey You in this matter," and instantly the Son of God will press fron, and there will be manifested in my human life that which glorifies is one thing to choose the disagreeable, and another thing to go into the disagreeable by God's engineering. If God puts you there, he is amply sufficient.

I hope this meant something to someone else, and if not, more cute things of Micah to come!! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mops and Younglife

I have some pictures I wanted to share from last night and this morning. Last night was the Younglife End of the Year cook-out so Micah and I joined Zach to help celebrate the end of another great year. The house where it was held was so beautiful and had a pool and gorgeous landscaping (I made mental notes). Though the water was freezing Micah loved sitting with his feet in and kicking. He also liked walking up and down the steps a million times but he was with Zach so it didn't bother me a bit!! I got a great picture of the two of them together, such studs!!This morning my friend Lindsay invited Micah, Isabella and I to their last M.O.P.S meeting. They were having some fun outside activities and a cookout. There was fingerpainting, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a baby pool and TONS of sand (or 'drt' as Micah calls it). They weren't too sure about the fingerpaint but LOVED everything else. I had to give them both a bath when we got home because they were FILTHY!! However, I feel that's the sure sign of a good time!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama's Day Weekend

I got to celebrate my second Mother's Day this year. YAY!! Zach asked me last night if it was wierd being the mother on Mother's Day now and it is but a wonderful wierd! It's just surreal sometimes to think that I actually have a child. Micah is just the most adorably precious little boy ever created and I am convinced that every mother who says that about their child is absolutely RIGHT! It's only the mothers who say they have the sweetest child that are lying, because face it all adorably precious kids are stinkers at one time or another.

We spent last Mother's Day with Zach's mom Linda and his grandmother Mimi as she is called. So we decided to make this Mother's Day our own intimate family gathering and then next year we will probably spend it with my mother and family and then start over. Don't you love how everything is split up once you get married?(sarcasm) It would be nice to spend all holidays with all people but that is pretty much impossible unless you're living on a giant family compound somewhere.

I don't get the traditional sleep late, breakfast in bed on Mother's Day morning because Zach has to leave for church by or before 8:00, but I did get to take a shower without making faces at Micah through the door so that was a definite plus! Zach gave me a really pretty card with a very sweet message and a gift certificate for a spa package at Discover You Day Spa here in Conyers. CAN"T WAIT!! One of my love languages is acts of service and pampering is like the ULTIMATE service! After lunch we went to Stephanie and Justin's for their traditional hot tamale Mother's Day lunch. She's from Louisiana and they do things differently down there!! haha! Just kidding Steph! They were very yummy. Micah took a monster nap at their house and we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (very mothery) and laid around like slobs.

When Micah woke up we went home, played outside, took a walk and I made dinner while Zach cleaned up for me. My evening plan was to do my nails and watch a girlie movie but the Survivor Finale was on so the nails got done but the girlie movie did not. We were sad Amanda didn't win, but oh well. All in all it was a very relaxing day and it was good to get some quality time with my two guys.

I hope all you other mothers had a wonderful day filled love and relaxation!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

M & M: Braves Game

Tuesday night Zach and I went to the Braves/Padres game with Stephanie and Justin. Justin had won tickets from Lithonia (where he and Zach work) for behind home plate. The tickets also included a free parking pass, entrance into the 755 club, $10 food allowance each, and free entrance into the Braves Hall of Fame museum. I was under strict orders to be at the Moons' apartment as soon as the guys got off work so that we wouldn't waste a second of our evening! We had a blast! We went to the 755 club and ate overlooking Turner Field at the Sports Bar. Steph and I had hamburgers and Zach and Justin got foot long hotdogs. I will not repeat what Zach said about it! Sitting above the field was so neat. It's definitely something we will not have the pleasure to do very often. After dinner we had about 20 minutes before the game started so we went to the Braves Hall of Fame Museum. It was pretty cool to see all the old jersey's and locker room set up. I was proud that I recognized a lot of the names. There was a train in the museum also that showed you how the players used to travel back in the day. Very claustrophobic!! When we got to our seats the game had started and we spent the rest of the night cheering and people watching. There are quite an assortment of different people who come out for a ballgame!

BTW**M & M is my pet name for when the Mays and Moons get together

While we were at the game my wonderful friend (and former fellow teacher at "The Creek") Krysti came over to stay with Micah. Our other friend Ashley and her adorable little girl Maddie came over to play too. Krysti took some great pictures of them but I haven't gotten them yet to post so I will do that soon! They had a fun time playing outside together. Sometime during the evening Krysti taught Micah how to say 'scoop' and 'Mambo'. I assumed Mambo came from Dancing with the Stars because she is only slightly obsessed with it but I was assured it was from Dora the Explorer. Likely story!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

splish splash?

It has been so sunny and beautiful lately I decided it was time for our first swim of the year! Yesterday while Micah and Isabella were napping I scrubbed down the baby pool, filled it with water and toys, and left it in the sun to warm up. After they woke up we had a snack, put on our swimsuits, and lathered on the sunscreen. Both of them were stationed next to the door pleading with their little eyes to LET US OUT! I opened they door, they ran (as well as toddlers run) straight to the pool, and......NOTHING! They looked at me like I was a crazy person. After I put my hand in and splashed and looked at Micah and said "splash splash" he finally put his hand in the water. Isabella ran the other way! After a little more coaxing Micah got in and sat down. About 20 seconds later he got out and discovered the fun part of a pool is getting in and out a hundred times and filling the water with bits of grass from his filthy feet. Isabella finally got in too however she refused to sit down but she did splash with her hands while yelling "spash spash" as loud as she could. I sat posed on the pools edge with my camera hoping to get a picture of both of them but it was not to be. They barely got in at the same time all afternoon, but they did run around the yard together in their swimsuits and sun hats. I was a little surprised about Micah not loving the pool because he consistently SOAKS me when taking a bath, but oh well. It was our first try and there will be many more before the seasons over with.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A real boy!

So it's already the 5th of May and I haven't blogged anything. Time goes by so fast. Whenever you are pregnant countless people tell you, "They grow up fast so pay attention." I guess it's impossible to believe/understand this until you have a child. It is SOOO true. The other night I was looking at old pictures of Micah on the computer and had to try hard to not burst into tears. He is such a boy now. I think he is skipping the toddler stage. I hardly recognized him in some of his pictures because he is just so big and he is able to do so much. A lot of people have asked me if he is talking yet so I am going to give you a list of his words and their pronunciations!!! He is picking up new ones every day which is really cute and exciting. The ones Zach teaches him might not be useful in every day conversation but its cute to listen to!

Micah's Vocabulary
bye bye
hello "lo"
night night "nigh night"
shoes "shoooooooos"
quack quack "kack kack"
Bottle "bobble"
bamboo "baboooo"
banana "nana"
yabba dabba doo "da da dooo"

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