Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mops and Younglife

I have some pictures I wanted to share from last night and this morning. Last night was the Younglife End of the Year cook-out so Micah and I joined Zach to help celebrate the end of another great year. The house where it was held was so beautiful and had a pool and gorgeous landscaping (I made mental notes). Though the water was freezing Micah loved sitting with his feet in and kicking. He also liked walking up and down the steps a million times but he was with Zach so it didn't bother me a bit!! I got a great picture of the two of them together, such studs!!This morning my friend Lindsay invited Micah, Isabella and I to their last M.O.P.S meeting. They were having some fun outside activities and a cookout. There was fingerpainting, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a baby pool and TONS of sand (or 'drt' as Micah calls it). They weren't too sure about the fingerpaint but LOVED everything else. I had to give them both a bath when we got home because they were FILTHY!! However, I feel that's the sure sign of a good time!

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