Thursday, May 8, 2008

M & M: Braves Game

Tuesday night Zach and I went to the Braves/Padres game with Stephanie and Justin. Justin had won tickets from Lithonia (where he and Zach work) for behind home plate. The tickets also included a free parking pass, entrance into the 755 club, $10 food allowance each, and free entrance into the Braves Hall of Fame museum. I was under strict orders to be at the Moons' apartment as soon as the guys got off work so that we wouldn't waste a second of our evening! We had a blast! We went to the 755 club and ate overlooking Turner Field at the Sports Bar. Steph and I had hamburgers and Zach and Justin got foot long hotdogs. I will not repeat what Zach said about it! Sitting above the field was so neat. It's definitely something we will not have the pleasure to do very often. After dinner we had about 20 minutes before the game started so we went to the Braves Hall of Fame Museum. It was pretty cool to see all the old jersey's and locker room set up. I was proud that I recognized a lot of the names. There was a train in the museum also that showed you how the players used to travel back in the day. Very claustrophobic!! When we got to our seats the game had started and we spent the rest of the night cheering and people watching. There are quite an assortment of different people who come out for a ballgame!

BTW**M & M is my pet name for when the Mays and Moons get together

While we were at the game my wonderful friend (and former fellow teacher at "The Creek") Krysti came over to stay with Micah. Our other friend Ashley and her adorable little girl Maddie came over to play too. Krysti took some great pictures of them but I haven't gotten them yet to post so I will do that soon! They had a fun time playing outside together. Sometime during the evening Krysti taught Micah how to say 'scoop' and 'Mambo'. I assumed Mambo came from Dancing with the Stars because she is only slightly obsessed with it but I was assured it was from Dora the Explorer. Likely story!!

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