Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A good mood

I know those of you who read this love me and care about me, but I also know most of you who read this just want to see a new picture of Micah or hear about a cute/crazy thing he did. I don't blame you because he is pretty darn cute, but occasionally you are going to have to read about Zach and I. That's just the deal because I am the one who is typing ;)

You know that great feeling you get on Sundays when you are walking out of church and know that what you heard was meant just for you? (and if you don't, you better listen harder!) I got that feeling yesterday morning when I randomly picked up My Utmost for His Highest and read what I thought was the right days message, but I was a day early. Thank God I was because I read something that has put me in the best mood! I know writing this is just going to invite trying experiences to put it to the test, but I'm ok with that because we all need a good testing every now and then. The main reason I loved this is because I tend to get irritated by things easily and it rarely does me any good. Hopefully I can always keep this in the back of my mind.

The Habit of Enjoying the Disagreeable

We have to express what God's grace has done in us. It is not a question of being saved from hell, but of being saved in order to manifest the life of the Son of God in our mortal flesh, and it is the disagreeable things which make us exhibit whether or not we are manifesting His life. Do i manifest the essential sweetness of the Son of God, or the essential irritation of "myself" apart from Him? The only thing that will enable me to enjoy the disagreeable is the keen enthusiasm of letting the life of the Son of God manifest itself in me. No matter how disagreeable a thing may be, say--"Lord, I am delighted to obey You in this matter," and instantly the Son of God will press fron, and there will be manifested in my human life that which glorifies is one thing to choose the disagreeable, and another thing to go into the disagreeable by God's engineering. If God puts you there, he is amply sufficient.

I hope this meant something to someone else, and if not, more cute things of Micah to come!! :)

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  1. Thanks Sarah. That was really inspiring. I needed to hear that.