Monday, May 19, 2008

busy weekend

Zach, Micah and I had a busy travel filled weekend. The sad thing is I don't have any pictures from it on my camera so you can't see everything I'm talking about. Get your imaginations ready and maybe you can picture it!

Friday afternoon I headed to Country Fair with a group of girls (and 1 guy). I can't remember the name of the first guy who played (mainly because I had no idea who he was) but Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley were the other performers. The highlight of the evening was catching up with my friends and getting to know new ones. The concert was good for those who really knew the songs, but I have such a small amount of time in my car now that I'm at home the radio and I just aren't close anymore. Plus Zach's influence has definitely changed my music tastes to a more eclectic variety with acoustic and folky christian at the t0p (see Square Peg Alliance) and new country just seems to be low on the totem pole. Also it was FREEZING! We were huddled under blankets, but atleast we got a kick out of watching all the high school and young college girls pretending not to freeze while wearing their almost non-existent clothing (I so don't miss those days!) Oh well like I said I got to catch up with friends and that's the most important part.

Saturday Zach, Micah and I headed to Birmingham, AL to see some college friends and their new adorable little girl. I also went to one of my best friends' law school graduation. Dave and Britney had a baby girl in March named Lillian Love Cowart. She is precious and looks just like her daddy. Zach and Micah spent the whole afternoon/evening there while I was gone so they got to see her a lot more then I did. Zach also got to play Wii for the first time at their house and has been complaining of being sore ever since. It's definitely a fun game and will hopefully be a part of the May household soon! The graduation was interesting. I didn't understand one word (well maybe one) the speaker said because it was full of lawyer speak. Even when I asked April after if she understood she was like honestly no I have no idea why she was talking about that. haha! It was great to see April and celebrate with her because she has seriously worked ridiculously hard these past 3 years.

Sunday we had church in the morning, some quality family time with Zach's family in the afternoon, and a leadership meeting that night. Wow! It's been awhile since we had that much packed into such a small amount of time, but we made it through and are ready for the week ahead!

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